Kessig Malcontents


Format Legality
Vintage Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Legacy Legal
Modern Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal

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Set Rarity
Avacyn Restored Uncommon

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Kessig Malcontents

Creature — Human Warrior

When Kessig Malcontents enters the battlefield, it deals damage to target player equal to the number of Humans you control.

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Kessig Malcontents Discussion

Gripton on Lets Build an Army

2 weeks ago

Hello slaftergames,

To counter Ghostly Prison or other annoying enchantments i have Demystify, and i usually dont get that much humans on the 'field to make Kessig Malcontents that much usefull.

Im not using Path to Exile because they are kinda expensive but im definitely getting a couple of Lightning Helix on the Sideboard since i alredy have 2.

Regarding Gather the Townsfolk and Honored Crop-Captain, I will consider adding them.

Thank you for your help!

slaftergames on Lets Build an Army

2 weeks ago

You might consider: Honored Crop-Captain, Kessig Malcontents in the sideboard to answer stuff like enchantment prison, and Gather the Townsfolk if you want to increase the utility of cards like Honor of the Pure by putting more bodies on the 'field

Also Lightning Helix and Path to Exile could help the removal suite, but it looks like you're trying to focus more on your own creatures than on getting rid of the enemy's, so maybe they don't fit as well here.

Mookie37 on Samut, Voice of Dissent EDH (Human Tribal)

3 weeks ago

Fiend Hunter is always a good idea in a white deck.

Throw in a few sac outlets like Phyrexian Altar and Ashnod's Altar and you can generate infinite mana with the Hunter + Angel of Glory's Rise.

Kessig Malcontents and/or Vigilante Justice turns that combo into a machine gun that kills all of your opponents.

Greater Good lets you put every creature in your deck into play (with Haste from Samut) at once by saccing the Hunter to draw one and then putting them into your bin to get brought back by the Angel.

Throw in Grand Abolisher so your opponents can't disrupt the combo once it gets started (also maybe Dragonlord Dromoka if your're willing to make the exception on Tribe) and then laugh.

lagotripha on Complete Manifesto

1 month ago

I can see where this is going, and I like it, but there are two major hurdles to cross. One is that your curve drops a lot of creatures on to the battlefield a little late, and they don't have the immediate board presence to offset this loss- this isn't Gatekeeper of Malakir stuff- eternal witness is a great card but its just a bear the turn you play it, and that is unlikely to be enough to survive in this fast-paced metagame.

The second issue is unreliable mana- your lands are entering untapped which is essential for creature based aggro, but are not providing multiple colours, effectively leaving multiple cards in your hand blank.

I'd reccomend adding the following, and cutting the number of cards that don't have an immediate impact on the game.

Budget - Avacyn's Pilgrim Honored Hierarch Magus of the Vineyard Wild Cantor Bloodlust Inciter Boros Elite Doomed Traveler Ulvenwald Tracker Experiment One Knight of the White Orchid etc.

Less budget -Karplusan Forest Rootbound Crag Sunpetal Grove Clifftop Retreat Cryptolith Rite Inspiring Vantage.

Don't talk about the price - Noble Hierarch Knight of the Reliquary+fetches Horizon Canopy Blood Moon etc. Just look at tournament lists at this point. All lists including this type of card have been largely explored and optimised, so its not much worth mucking around with.

I'd reccomend cryptolith over prismatic, because you need the added acceleration if you're sacrificing a turn to play it in a deck that wants to be attacking and casting bigger stuff. That said, you could just play token spells in those slots or some more lands. It doesn't look as flashy, but it keeps the deck running smoothly without 'loosing' a turn.

You can make the deck a lot, lot more stable by leaving a colour to later in the game, only including a single basic and alternative ways of producing the mana, allowing you to reliably cast creatures turns 1-2-3. You aren't pumping out hoardes of goblin or elemental tokens or abusing flicker for impact tremors to be super effective, so leaving the only red spells as Kessig Malcontents as a finishing blow in an otherwise green/white list will be a lot more reliable. Swap kytheon and twin bolt main to sideboard- you might want to keep the impact tremors there if you face a lot of Fog effects.

Borderland ranger is too expensive mana wise for what it does- Harrow is an instant and leaves two lands untapped and better creatures are out there to fix mana. There are better cards for that slot.

All told, playtest, look at what other people are doing and most of all, have fun!

Dredgar on hardhitta71194

4 months ago

5 color?!? Now I know your crazy, but 5 color crazy? ;). Well I think you need to have equipments that are made for humans like Bladed Bracers, True-Faith Censer and Silver-Inlaid Dagger and if you like scarescrows Harvest Hand  Flip. Then we need some bad-ass humans. I'll just say one human per color to keep it simple. My favorite human/white is Elite Inquisitor, forget the protection, a 2/2 two drop with first strike and vigilance is tight. A great red would be Kessig Malcontents or Riot Ringleader. Green human could be Hamlet Captain or a super badass human Warden of the First Tree. Blue human Captain of the Mists. black human Village Cannibals. Those are just a few. Out of all honesty I think it might be a little ambitious to try 5 color humans m. 3 color might be a happy medium that won't leave you super frustrated trying to make it work ;)

Savomil15 on Vigilante Justice

5 months ago

Thanks for the tips. I honestly overlooked that i didn't get rid of Might Makes Right, it was just an idea and when I played with the deck, I didn't even use it. I replaced it with another Kessig Malcontents. Hero of Bladehold seems really nice, but the card is quite expensive and creates soldier tokens, you could say that Hanweir Garrison is the same card but slightly better due to synergies (Champion of the Parish, Thalia's Lieutenant and Vigilante Justice). Accorder Paladin seems really nice, maybe as a substitute for Precinct Captain.

Bueller on Wow, a Soldier Deck Huh? How Original!

5 months ago

I've thought about that. I was going to leave it up to my first real playtest before doing that. I mainly like it because it's a decent ping that will proc every turn with Norin the Wary and Splinter Twin drops as a way of dealing noncombat damage, which this deck lacks outside of that and Kessig Malcontents.

I've also toyed with the idea of adding one of the soul sisters because of the sheer number of creatures I'll be having, but have decided against it so far.

Savomil15 on Vigilante Justice

6 months ago

I really like Impact Tremors! Unruly Mob seems like an okay backup plan if I am forced to attack instead of waiting for big Kessig Malcontents. I knew that somebody would suggest Champion of the Parish, and I planned to use it, until I saw the cost of the card :(. I am not really sure if I want to spend so much on one card. I will think about it. Thanks for the suggestions.

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