Kessig Malcontents

Kessig Malcontents


Creature — Human Warrior

When Kessig Malcontents enters the battlefield, it deals damage to target player equal to the number of Humans you control.

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Kessig Malcontents Discussion

drakendark on You Were a Champion In Their Eyes (HELP NEEDED)

4 months ago

I recall a few human cards from my legacy deck Human Burn

that happen to be modern legal that could work in your deck

Nearheath Pilgrim similar to silverblade but lifelink

Thraben Doomsayer human maker

Kessig Malcontents is a burn spell in human form

Vigilante Justice make your humans into mini burns

Thatcher Revolt is fun with a vigilante justice in play

Zealous Conscripts is self explainable

not a human but Hellrider but one of my personal favorites

Burn at the Stake a nasty burn spell that can easily be a finisher if your creature count is high

both zealous conscripts and burn at the stake are a little easier to cast if your current mana base cant cast them if you use Battle Hymn

I also did a gatherersearch for modern with human in the rules text and found a few more possibilities

Elder Cathar seems like he might have potential

Gallows at Willow Hill

Riot Ringleader potential?

Spare from Evil seems like the majority of creatures are non-human

Devout Chaplain sideboard option

not personally a fan of equipment but these two might have use

Avacyn's Collar vigiliance and a pump

Butcher's Cleaver lifelink and a decent power pump

griz024 on Angry Mob

5 months ago

I say splash red for Kessig Malcontents. Awesome finisher.

DarkHero on Would Naya Humans be a ...

7 months ago

"Playable" sure. I wouldn't bank on it winning a lot, but it can be good. Champion of the Parish , Kessig Malcontents , Thatcher Revolt , Burning-Tree Emissary , Lightning Mauler , Thalia, Guardian of Thraben , Silverblade Paladin , hell maybe even Gaddock Teeg if you get a little out of the humans aspect. You get a nice little aggro weenies deck.

DarkHero on Emma is trying to build orzhov

7 months ago

Adding red would help you accomplish what your trying to do. Assemble the Legion Kessig Malcontents Thatcher Revolt Purphoros, God of the Forge .

3x of Odric, Master Tactician is too many.

There are better cards than Life Burst

You could really use some removal, such as Oblivion Ring , Path to Exile , Journey to Nowhere , Banishing Light .

And you have 61 cards

reverendvile777 on 2014-08-21 update of Midrange Rakdos ...

9 months ago

Some red humans to also consider if you go that route:

Gore-House Chainwalker

Lightning Mauler

Kessig Malcontents

Prophetic Flamespeaker is amazing if you have some way to boost his power

Also, Silverblade Paladin is a beast in white humans.

Gemonous on H-Humans...?

11 months ago

pie108 I'm probably going to keep it mono white. If I were to splash red, I'd probably throw in a couple Tajic, Blade of the Legion , but I really like the idea of Kessig Malcontents .Boros wouls add a lot more options to this deck, but it would require changing the whole deck.

pie108 on H-Humans...?

11 months ago

Path of Bravery Fits oddly in. You have almost no life gain. You should swap it with Honor of the Pure to get the better part of the card. Have you thought about splashing red for cards like Assemble the Legion or Kessig Malcontents . Oh, assemble the legion doesn't give you human soldiers :o

SpeedForce on Budget R/W Humans

11 months ago

Humans!! :D

Hehe I suddenly miss my Mono-White-Humans back in the day of Innistrad Standard. Here are some cards that I recommend:

Ash Zealot First Strike, Haste and a 2/2 that also pumps the champion. Her grave-hate ability is icing on the cake. I'd play 4 of these.

Grim Lavamancer Just a 1-or-2-of in case the game drags on too long. You've got lots of Instants that can still help even after you've used them all up, thanks to this guy. Also, he still pumps the champion.

Keldon Marauders 3/3 for 2-cmc, pumps the champion and keeps the damage going with it's enter / leave the battlefield ability.

Kessig Malcontents A very strong finisher if your opponent let's you amass your humans too long. Obviously will only drop him when the enemy is in burning range. There really isn't any reason why you shouldn't play this in a Human deck.

Norin the Wary Comboes well with your champion. Take note that his ability activates constantly for both YOU and your OPPONENT should either of you cast a spell.

Reckless Waif  Flip Alternate and very nice turn-1 drop in case you don't draw the champ. At best she's a 3/2 for 1-cmc by the 2nd turn (if she flips). At worst, she's a chump blocker that pumps the champion.

Stormblood Berserker Awesome 2-drop that essentially becomes a 3/3 due to Bloodthirst. His ability is nothing to scoff at at the early parts of the game. Helps get the needed damage in for long-term advantage.

Zealous Conscripts 1-or-2-of only and in the side-board. Helps against fatty match-ups that your Humans can't handle. "Oh hey, is that a titan? Thank you very much!"

Auriok Champion Side-board hate. Pumps champ and also helps you stay alive. Even more so against creature heavy decks.

Crusader of Odric Nice finisher in case you're able to build your forces. She can get fat real quick if your humans are left unchecked. Makes a late-game 1/1 champ be still of some use.

Ethersworn Canonist I'd main 4 of these if you can afford them (yeah I know your deck is budget but this girl is THAT useful). Helps you stall the game until you're able to build an army.

Geist-Honored Monk Finisher similar to Crusader of Odric . Unless your opponent is running "destroy" or "exile" effects, she's nigh untouchable by the time you drop her (assuming that you have a lot of humans on the field already).

Intrepid Hero Nice removal on a stick for creatures that are too big for your humans to handle.

Knight of Sursi The only reason you'll play her is for her Suspend 3 - W ability. 2/2 Flying with Flanking for W is a great deal. Also, her suspend acts a distraction for your opponent. Something for them to think about.

Mirran Crusader I'd replace your Silverblade Paladin with this guy. Silverblade was awesome in Standard. But come Modern, Mirran Crusader is undoubtedly better. Crusader has protection from a removal heavy color (Black) and a color were most of it's creatures are too fat for your humans (Green). Really, you can never go wrong with the crusader as your 3-drop. Lastly, he has Double Strike even if he's all alone on the field.

Riders of Gavony These pretty much near-nullify other themed decks that strictly stick to their themes. Sideboard card for elves, knights, ninjas, beasts, etc. Any deck that has all of it's creature the same type or two.

Student of Warfare I'd definitely replace your Soldier of the Pantheon with this guy (girl?). Unless the meta at the place you play at are multi-colored heavy; the student is a better choice for your alternate 1-drop. He's essentially a 3/3 First Strike for W turn-2. Level 7 is just icing, almost always you'll leave him at Level 2.

Thraben Doomsayer I'm surprised you didn't add him. Yes, he's a bit slow and has a big target on his forehead but that's his purpose. Makes an opponent think twice on either using removal on him or your 7/7 champion. Oh and don't forget about Fateful Hour. Don't try aiming to activate it. It'll activate when the situation presents itself. The reason you'll play this guy is for his ability to s**t HUMAN tokens like there's no tomorrow.

Honor of the Pure Yeah, I know you'd like to stick to just your humans but I couldn't help but suggest this too. It's that useful for weenie decks like yours.

Power / Toughness 3/1
Color(s) Red
Cost 2R
Converted cost 3
Avg. draft pick 2.87
Avg. cube pick 3.14


Format Legality
Legacy Legal
Vintage Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Modern Legal
Duel Commander Legal

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Set Rarity
Avacyn Restored Uncommon

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