Dearly Departed

Dearly Departed

Creature — Spirit


As long as Dearlt Departed is in your graveyard, each human creature you control enters the battlefield with an additional +1/+1 counter on it.

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Set Rarity
Commander 2020 (C20) Rare
Duel Decks: Blessed vs. Cursed (DDQ) Rare
Innistrad (ISD) Rare

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Format Legality
Leviathan Legal
Unformat Legal
Limited Legal
2019-10-04 Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Duel Commander Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Oathbreaker Legal
Casual Legal
Vintage Legal
Block Constructed Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Highlander Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Modern Legal
Legacy Legal

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Dearly Departed Discussion

Catpocolypse on Simple Humans

1 year ago

I think that you COULD splash G in exchange for the nonhuman creatures here, those being Angelic Overseer , Dearly Departed and Commander's Authority . In splashing Green, you get access to extremely powerful cards in the form of Tireless Tracker , Harmonize , Dromoka's Command , Hardened Scales , Avacyn's Pilgrim and of course the ever popular, ever relevant Collected Company .

I have a deck similar to this, splashing G to great effect here: Thalia's Horde of Humans.

On the other hand, if you don't want to splash G, Abzan Falconer could be a good finisher.

DeviousPenguin666 on La bonté au-delà de la vertu

1 year ago

Holy crap this is awesome! Dearly Departed seems so good in a humans deck! +1!

slaftergames on La bonté au-delà de la vertu

2 years ago

I did playtest with Alesha for a while, but found that she was a bit slow and not all that useful; I rarely end up putting creatures other than Valor and the Dearly Departed in my graveyard, because the excess discard is usually just lands, which I only need a few of anyway - there usually wasn't anything for her to return from the graveyard.

I also ran Thatcher Revolt in this deck for quite a while, but eventually took it out because it seemed like a bad deal - why pay one mana per token that I have to sacrifice at the end of the turn, when I can pay the same rate with Gather the Townsfolk for tokens that stay on the battlefield (plus the fact that Gather the Townsfolk works better with my curve)?

I do see where you're coming from vis-a-vis the removal, but in my meta Path is very much worthwhile (a few too many Phyrexian Obliterators crawling around, among other things).

Firegriff on EDH Custom Deck Challenge

2 years ago

The Challenge that I propose is this: pick a plane, then design a featured Commander of a Legend from the plane. The twist is that the Commander needs to be at least two colors and be designed as a Planeswalker that can be played as Commander. Describe the idea for the deck, how the Commander's Spark triggered, and a general idea of cards you might include as part of the deck if you were designing it for sale. For instance:

Deck name: Saving Grace Plane: Innistrad Commander: Sigarda, Heron of Light (3)(G)(W) Sigarda, Heron of Light can be your Commander. [+2] Put a 1/1 Human token with hexproof into play under your control. [-2] Discard a creature card from your hand. Put a 4/4 Angel token with flying and hexproof into play under your control. [-8] You gain an emblem with, "Creatures you control have lifelink and hexproof. Creatures you control may not be sacrificed. [4]

Spark: After the confrontation with the fused, corrupted Bruna and Gisela, after the 'victory' of the Gatewatch, Sigarda's heart longed for answers, for how to help heal her world. Her heart's cry pulled her out of her world to another, before pulling her back home, where she found Arlinn Kord waiting to speak with her. Realizing now the existence of other worlds, Sigarda has determined to find a way to keep the humans of her ravaged world safe from both internal threats and threats from other planes.

Deck concept: Angels, Humans and Spirits working together to protect and support each other.

Sample cards: Briarbridge Patrol, Cathedral Sanctifier, Champion of Lambholt, Champion of the Parish, Devout Chaplain, Bygone Bishop, Dearly Departed, Drogskol Shieldmate, Angel of Glory's Rise, Angel of Jubilation, Herald of War, Haunted Cloak, Avacyn's Collar, Inquisitor's Flail

Metroid_Hybrid on Hold Formation

2 years ago

I agree with the earlier comments; so rather than be redundant, here are the cards I think you should cut first when making upgrades (in no particular order)

Dearly Departed (You have no reliable way to get it into the graveyard), Fiend Binder, Elder Cathar, Midnight Guard, Cathars' Crusade (a bomb in EDH, not Modern)..

And finally, Loxodon Warhammer is strictly better than Butcher's Cleaver.. Basilisk Collar & Brave the Sands might be worth considering too..

slaftergames on La bonté au-delà de la vertu

3 years ago

The combo is actually with the Dearly Departed as well, not just Valor. The Standard Bearer is definitely not ideal (still pretty upset that zombies got a way better version of this guy), but I've found that despite his relative weakness when compared to his equivalents in some other tribes, he fits pretty well into this deck. I'll keep the Doomsayer in mind, though - he's made into the maybeboard a few times, my only concern is that he's a bit slower than this deck aims to be.

lagotripha on How to: Play Magic for ~$6.

3 years ago

There are a number of cheap, effective red kards Keldon Marauders has fallen out of favour, but is a 2 mana lava axe when it works. Nivmagus Elemental is cheap and provides limited counterspell protection and the oppertunity for combo finishes with Temur Battle Rage. Sin Prodder is dirt cheap and very effective, even without cheap delve.

With super budget the lack of lightning bolt hurts red, and lack of boros charm red white so janky combo is usually the most functional option. Board flooding with Mogg War Marshal, Foundry Street Denizen Dragon Fodder Battle Hymn Dragonrage Akroan Crusader Empty the Warrens, Haze of Rage and so forth to spam out a win. Guttersnipe used to be good but has fallen to more efficient options, leaving him pretty cheap.

Human tribal with Keldon Marauders/Thatcher Revolt/Kessig Malcontents is functional, especially with Gather the Townsfolk and Dearly Departed/Cathartic Reunion. For the non-$10 version there are some very competitive lists out there, but there are a lot of cards in modern that aren't valuable because they just aren't in short supply but are still super good.

ObamaIsIlluminatiOhYeah on Heavy Metal + Magic cards …

3 years ago


Champion of Stray Souls=Vic Rattlehead

Magus of the Will=Master of Puppets

Tana, the Bloodsower seems like an edgy female rocker, along with Alesha, Who Smiles at Death.

Ravos, Soultender seems like he could be a cool personality for a lead singer.

Some cool song names could be Ever After, Extinguish All Hope, Eliminate the Competition, Dread Summons, Dearly Departed, Divergent Transformations, Stalking Vengeance.

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