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Modern Reanimator, second draft

Modern* Combo Reanimator


Non- Goryo Reanimator might be viable in Modern! This is my second draft, to solidify and optimize the card choices.

Here are my basic thoughts:

Archon of Cruelty is a powerhouse. It breaks through your opponent and gives you extra resources.

Burning-Rune Demon finds the next reanimation set, or removal, or whatever else you need.

It That Betrays is one of the biggest creatures in Modern. Most of the rest are legendary creatures that can't be used with Persist or have a downside that's not desirable for this deck. The annihilator ability makes it an even bigger threat.

Sphinx of the Steel Wind is the control option, if you need to slow the game down. It's difficult to kill and provides a steady stream of life and defense, making it almost impossible to outrace.

Persist is, in my opinion, the best reanimator card available in Modern. The target creatures are big enough to take a -1/-1 counter with no serious effects.

Priest of Fell Rites is another solid option. It's the second fastest reanimator after Persist , and can match it when given haste.

Collective Brutality is the full control package, offering life drain, discard, and removal. It also allows single discards, if you need to do that.

Thrilling Discovery draws deep to help find a missing piece of the combo.

Mass Hysteria gives all your creatures haste, so they don't spend a turn vulnerable. This helps Priest of Fell Rites do its thing, in addition to getting your big offense going.
Boros Charm keeps your creatures alive, and can turn a damaging attack into a double striking win. Add a touch of burn, and this card offers all the support this deck needs.

Grief scouts your opponent's hand for anything that could stop you from going off and makes it go away, and it can provide a good offense as well.

Thoughtseize is another option to Grief if you don't want to exile a key card. You can also Thoughtseize yourself in a pinch for a turn 2 Persist .

Apostle's Blessing protects your creatures from spot removal and can give an extra layer of evasion if needed.

Basic lands: Mountain , Plains , Swamp . These are here to dig up when your opponent throws out Path to Exile or Assassin's Trophy or something.

Fast lands: Blackcleave Cliffs , Concealed Courtyard . This deck needs to hit its first three land drops. After that, it can slow down a bit. These are early land plays that don't hurt. Since is the central and most important color here, the land is excluded.

Fetch lands: Arid Mesa , Bloodstained Mire , Marsh Flats . Getting the best cards in your deck is worthless if your mana is off color.

Shock lands: Blood Crypt , Godless Shrine , Sacred Foundry . Dual lands that always have the opportunity to enter untapped help the deck's reliability.

The sideboard will be reviewed as the deck gets more play time.

Use Burning-Rune Demon to find the right cards for the situation.

Dauthi Voidwalker comes in against graveyard-centric decks like Dredge and creature cheat decks like Through the Breach .

Despark comes in against Tron and control decks.

Leyline of Sanctity comes in against combo decks like Storm or Heliod / Ballista , as well as against burn.

Shatter the Sky comes in against token or creature-heavy decks.

Surgical Extraction comes in against combo decks and can help against control.

Wear / Tear is specialized removal against enchantments and artifacts. Tormod's Crypt and Rest in Peace are particular problems.

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