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Most Magnificent Modern Milling Machine Ever Made!

Modern Competitive Mill UB (Dimir)



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Fast Modern Mill deck. I can usually win by turn 4-5 if uninterrupted. Uses the best and most efficient mill spells in modern!

Archive Trap is the heavy-hitter here. Against most competitive decks that use fetches, A.trap is the MVP milling the most per card in hand. A god hand would be 4 Traps where the opponent cracks a fetch on turn 1-> 13x4=52 cards milled plus their land they fetched for and opening hand = GG! That almost never happens, but I've personally had 3 fire at once before for 39 cards milled!

Glimpse the Unthinkable and the new Maddening Cacophony are the next best cards, pulling their weight as far as amount of cards they mill for the cost. Mesmeric Orb is great on turn 2, but can be weak if drawn later in the game, hence only 3 copies.

With the addition of Zendikar Rising, we now have 8 crabs to play on turn 1, making the deck more consistent than ever! Ruin Crab is slightly better than Hedron Crab due to the additional toughness and the fact it can get around cards like Leyline of Sanctity, so if cuts are needed in that spot cut Hedron first.

Mill is good against combo using Surgical Extraction after their important cards have been milled. Visions of Beyond is a modern-legal Ancestral Recall for us by the end of turn 3 normally. Fatal Push helps keep us alive against aggro, with additional removal in the SB if needed.

I've splashed white for Path to Exile before with its added synergy with Archive Trap, but the mana didn't work as well for me. Field of Ruin forces a search for Archive Trap while getting rid of pesky lands, which is why it is the choice over something like Ghost Quarter against land decks.


Updates Add

With Zendikar Rising's release, Ruin Crab and Maddening Cacophony have been big additions to Mill decks. Cacophony is better than something like Breaking / Entering since it doesn't target and therefore gets around cards like Leyline of Sanctity and certain niche counterspells. Extra crabs mean that we get more free mill with land drops and have better sticking power against counter-heavy decks. There is debate on whether Fraying Sanity is worth a spot, but for now it's in there until I figure something that would be better or if the meta calls for more interaction. Cling to Dust is an excellent catch-all card that's worth running in the main. It doesn't do any one thing super well, but it gives us value from our GY while running Mesmeric Orbs and can snipe Snapcaster targets or random Uro's in game 1s.

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