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I said the REAL One Punch Man.

Commander / EDH Fight Hexproof Monk Mono-Green



This budget deck is one that will always make your friends laugh, and then pull off a cheeky win. When looking at Iwamori, I wanted to make something that actually utilizes every part of the card, both his size, and his allowing other players to put things into play. It seemed like an interesting and viable enough option to make a Mono green group hug, one that lets us lay low in the multiplayer politics, boosting other's boards whilst we boost our own, until we have enough mana to strike hard and deal all of our commander damage at once. We want everyone not to take us seriously until we can trample over them for MASSIVE damage. I have in some drawn out games attacked for upwards of 10,000 damage at once.

The deck also has lots of fight cards that probably serve the true purpose of the card as it was written. People are so excited to drop their legendary and then you drop a fight card and kill it , and its pretty badness.

It is obviously a casual deck, but I hope competent and I would take any suggestions to make it more so. Thanks for reading!


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