Daring Buccaneer

Daring Buccaneer

Creature — Human Pirate

As an additional cost to cast Daring Buccaneer, reveal a Pirate card from your hand or pay 2.

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Daring Buccaneer Discussion

lagotripha on Speedy pirates

1 month ago

Echoing wallisface, budget aggro lives or dies by casting 1 mana spells as fast as possible.

If you move to straight rakdos colours, you lose only Daring Saboteur and Frantic Inventory , while your mana becomes a lot more reliable.

With the land set here, I'd go so far as to run almost entirely 1 colour with splashes for higher cmc spells.

A few options; Deadeye Tracker + Grasping Scoundrel + Outcast with a focus on 1 and 2 mana black spells - Kitesail Freebooter in particular is good in a black shell with other sources of discard.

Rigging Runner + Daring Buccaneer + Fanatical Firebrand will work well with a focus on fast damage partucularly spells that deal direct damage and like creatures. I'd look at Captain Ripley Vance and the budget staple Curse of Stalked Prey alongside sources of evasion.

Blue as a primary colour has some neat options if you want to go for a more instant-speed tempo game - Siren Stormtamer , Spectral Sailor , & Brineborn Cutthroat , while opening up sideboard tricks like Crafty Cutpurse and cheap past staples like Mana Leak .

There are a few notable pirates to build combos around - Skyship Plunderer , Timestream Navigator , but they don't have a coherent theme which will make builds awkward.

wallisface on Speedy pirates

1 month ago

I posted some thoughts below. I don't know what your budget is, but i've suggested cards assuming you're after stuff on-par price-wise to what's currently in the deck. If you're looking for some more expensive goodies, let me know.

  • Blade Historian just doesn't seem playable... it requires 4 red, but your deck has only 11 ways to generate that color (or, only 9 if you're not naming Human or Cleric with Unclaimed Territory ). I don't see how you're ever casting it in a game - so i'd suggest ditching it.

  • Buccaneer's Bravado feels cute, but with the power of your creatures, is likely just going to be a complicated Lightning Bolt in 90% of situations. I'm not sure its worth playing

  • It looks like you're plan is to be aggressive and be swinging in with a lot of creatures quickly(ish). In that regard, i'm not sure Frantic Inventory helps you here. Playing it means you're not playing a threat to help you win... its not a particularly helpful card for a deck aiming to apply pressure.

  • You have very few cards at 1cmc - which is going to make it hard to apply early pressure. I'd suggest something like Daring Buccaneer , Siren Stormtamer , Spectral Sailor or Fanatical Firebrand . Other low-cost creatures worth considering are Dire Fleet Captain , Dire Fleet Daredevil , Dire Fleet Poisoner , and Rigging Runner . Generally, if you're wanting to be a fast deck, you want to be as close to the ground as possible. Dire Fleet Captain feels particularly good for ensuring you can hit hard when your board's getting wide.

  • I'd suggest finding a lower-cmc killspell than Hero's Downfall . Replacing it with more Heartless Act should be fine - though I'd personally think something like Bone Shards would work best (you can discard excess lands or bad draws to pay its additional cost).

  • With the above suggested changes, you should be able to go down to around 20 lands. That will help you truly shine as an aggressive deck.

legendofa on Speedy pirates

1 month ago

How reliable is Blade Historian ? It basically costs in a three-color budget deck, which I'm assuming means you're not diving into the shock lands and fetch lands. I also see a very low cost:land ratio, with only seven cards needing even one blue mana, so maybe drop two Island s for another Mountain and Swamp . Bloodline Pretender seems like it takes a while to become a worthwhile threat.

Cards I would recommend are Daring Buccaneer , Rigging Runner , and Storm Fleet Sprinter , Dire Fleet Neckbreaker , and maybe Headstrong Brute .

WHAAT on mono red prowess

1 year ago

I decided to add a few Pirates so that Daring Buccaneer costs 1

Sorin_Markov_1947 on Raiding Party

1 year ago

I really like Dire Fleet Neckbreaker as a pirate lord. I'd also recommend taking out Dire Fleet Hoarder for some other high-power card (maybe the aforementioned lord), and Seekers' Squire is questionable as well. I also like Daring Buccaneer as an early play, and March of the Drowned can give you a big late-game boost for just one mana. Dire Fleet Poisoner is also a good combat trick.

I personally think this deck could use less burn/removal, since you really only need so much. 20 cards is excessive. Even removal-heavy decks play less. I think you'll find that high-power cards and fewer removal will give you a more proactive strategy that forces your opponent to react to you.

Wecros on B/R Pirates

2 years ago

Have you thought about Grasping Scoundrel ? It's basically Daring Buccaneer when attacking. Ruin Raider is a must have in my opinion. Also how has Skewer the Critics been working out for you? I think I'd still prefer Lightning Strike over it because it's an instant.

Also props to you for making budget decks.

Demarge on All Types of Pirates!!!

2 years ago

This article is one I have shared numerous times, learning to apply it to deckbuilding noticeably improves performance.

Now seeing another list in your playgroup I can see why you'd like an unblockable creature as that deck has many small blockers (more cannonade would help your odds) now of course vs that deck flying is also the same unblockable, a freebooter would not only be unblockable in most senses, but would also help keep your pressure up with holding an answer they'd have played against you. Now for them I'd almost recommend they run a few more removal (imagine getting your unblockable through if they ran a playset of Cast Down and had Ravenous Chupacabra).

My previous mentioned 1 drop pirates could be Daring Buccaneer or Rigging Runner but Fanatical Firebrand seems to be rather popular. if you picked two of those creatures and slapped in a playset of each in the 60 you'd find a lot of your pirate payoff cards functioning a lot better and your ability to close games become a lot more consistent on a faster clock.

Skippyeights on Budget Pirate Aggro

2 years ago

I am just returning to mtg after a 15+ year absence (before October the last expansion I purchased was Onslaught) so I am still catching up on the changes to the game. That being said, I hope you will forgive me if my questions/comments seem stupid.

First off, I really appreciate how tight the curve is that you have built into your deck. I have been dinking around with a Rakdos Pirate deck using either one or both of the Angrath planeswalkers and Captivating Crew. Unfortunately, I don't see it being competitive for FNM because without any good way ramp it, it's just too slow. There were a few cards, however, that I was looking to use and I was wondering how they might fit into your design. They are:

Deadeye Tracker. I don't think it would fit well in the main deck because it certainly doesn't pack the punch of a Daring Buccaneer but how useful would it be versus something like a Golgari midrange, Arclight Phoenix or any other deck that likes to manipulate the graveyard or utilizes Jump-start. Plus it explores so you get that benefit too.

Forerunner of the Coalition. It is kind of a pirate tutor and could help you draw whatever pirate you may need to address you current board, plus it is another body you can throw in front of a stompy. The problem is its near the top of the curve and it telegraphs to your opponent what your next turn is likely going to be.

Pirate's Cutlass. Equipment is whole new concept for me, so I don't really know how effective it could be. I can see it being useful against some control decks because it might survive a board wipe and could help buff any new creatures you cast. It could also be useful versus weenies and tokens. Besides, don't pirates kinda have to use cutlasses?:-)

Finally...Garna, the Bloodflame. I know that he is not a pirate and that he is expensive, but would he help against control? It would make rebuilding easier after a board wipe,but that would require you to leave a big chunk of mana untapped. Then again, control can long run depending on it's kill mechanism so you may have the extra mana lying around. Plus, he isn't a pirate so he may be unexpected.

Again, I really your deck. It looks a lot like some of the "sligh" decks people were running in the early days, but seems to be more versatile verses a wider variety for decks. I also really appreciate your detailed explanation about why you chose the cards you did, especially the sideboard. It helps a veteran newbie get caught up. Thank you!

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