The Circle of Loyalty

The Circle of Loyalty

Legendary Artifact

This spell costs less to cast for each Knight you control.

Creatures you control get +1/+1.

Whenever you cast a legendary spell, create a 2/2 white Knight creature token with vigilance.

, : Create a 2/2 white Knight creature token with vigilance.

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The Circle of Loyalty Discussion

Endersword334 on Orzhov Knights (with lifelink and deathtouch)

4 months ago

Phostration, I added The Circle of Loyalty like you said, but I can't yet get a Shadowspear, because they are very expensive.

Apollo_Paladin on Orzhov Knights (with lifelink and deathtouch)

5 months ago

I built a Mardu Knight deck on MTG Arena and I found that when using lots of cheap Knights (plus the tokens from Worthy Knight) that spells with Convoke abilities end up extremely powerful (and QUITE often; Mana-Free to cast in a deck with lots of low-mana creatures).

Conclave Tribunal and Venerated Loxodon are amazing for this. It's quite easy to pop a Worthy Knight out Turn 2, drop two 1-mana (or a 1 mana and a 2 mana) on Turn 3, and then play Loxodon for free, tapping them all, adding counters to all, and still leaving you with a 4/4 untapped elephant for blocking defense.

I also agree with the above comment that at least a couple The Circle of Loyalty can be really helpful.

You can give my Mardu Speed Knights (MTG Arena Build) deck a look if you want some more inspiration. Nice job either way though!

Phostration on Orzhov Knights (with lifelink and deathtouch)

5 months ago

no The Circle of Loyalty? Even with no legendary spells, it has the potential to be cast for 2 mana to boost your knights while providing knight gen if you have no hand. One Shadowspear is always good too, incase you have to deal with any pesky hexproof or indestructible creatures, while also providing lifelink and trample.

Phostration on Knights of the Squar Table

5 months ago

History of Benalia for knight generation and boost, The Circle of Loyalty for knight generation and +1/+1. Sigiled Sword of Valeron for more knight generation. Gideon, Ally of Zendikar for more Knight gen, permanent +1/+1. These are all from my own knight deck: Knights work better as a TEAM.

kenvan19 on Knights

5 months ago

I agree with iDescendance and see you've already made a number of those changes but one I noticed you didn't pick up was Tournament Grounds which is immensely powerful since no other card type in standard has mana literally dedicated to casting it and only it.

On his point of 'what does this bring to the deck' I always question Worthy Knight since he pumps out tokens but they're not knights. Venerable Knight is another good 1-drop which can be used as a chop block and then buffs another knight when it dies bringing a bit more synergy with Basri's Lieutenant (BL). Further, I'd second his recommendation of Unbreakable Formation or even just Basri's Solidarity since the first is super to either buff your army if you're flush or save your army if your lean.

Icon of Ancestry would absolutely revolutionize your deck as well. Having the static +1/+1 to all your creatures (including tokens generated through The Circle of Loyalty and BL) is awesome but then on top of that you can use it to start churning through your deck to pick out more and more knights when you are looking for cards. Very good start and I think you're going in the right direction! Good luck!

Scallywallwest on Mono-Black Knight Tribal

6 months ago

You might want to fix the land base. Not that having 24 swamps is bad, but you could definitely add some more utility lands. You may want to consider Castle Locthwain. As you said, you won't be dropping life that often, so the drawback on this may not be as bad.

If you're really going for the Knight Tribal theme, you may want to add in some tribal cards to boost them or gain effects from them. For some of these, you'll have to splash white, but again, that's up to you: The Circle of Loyalty, Wintermoor Commander, Blacklance Paragon, or Knights' Charge.

Good luck with your deck!

DadHumanPraetor on Knight Deck (incomplete)

8 months ago

Knight Exemplar Kinsbaile Cavalier Student of Warfare are the staple cards for monowhite knights. Since you are playing casual (kitchen table I assume) you can include 3 Terrain Generator instead of the Knight of the White Orchid because when youre on the draw orchid doesnt always do anything plus you can slot a better knight.
Worthy Knight makes tokens, but they arent knights so they dont get anthem effects from knight lords so they arent very useful unless you maybe run Heraldic Banner instead of the The Circle of Loyalty or better yet just go Boros (red and white) and include Skynight Vanguard and use the tokens to help reduce the cost of an Embercleave. Boros also means Inspiring Veteran Fervent Champion and Tournament Grounds and Clifftop Retreat to smooth out the mana for the 2w and 2r spells. Path to Exile would be the mot efficient removal but if its a budget deck go ahead and throw in a couple Conclave Tribunal which would also give your tokens something to do. Id cut circle of loyalty. Its a good card in commander but its really slow for other formats.

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