Im just trying to make a toned deck that confuses others to make them call a judge over and make the judge just quit when he sees what im playing.

Overall a fun deck to play.The concept is to get enough creatures out with abilities and share them across the board. On the offense you have creatures that are evasive or just plow through the defense. On Defense you have banding in your back pocket so you can block and assign all the damage to something like a 1/1 or a creature like Abu Jafar. Most of the time players see all the keywords, get confused, and either focus you because they don't understand what you are doing; or they leave you alone because they would rather not get involved in the nonsense.

There are some issues with the mana source. Some recommendations for ramp are welcome. I'm contemploating making this a 3 color deck between Bant, Abzan or Jeski. The mutate commanders would be cool to add another level of complication to the board.


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