Scroll of Avacyn

Scroll of Avacyn


, Sacrifice Scroll of Avacyn: Draw a card. If you control an Angel, you gain 5 life.

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Scroll of Avacyn Discussion

passimo on Aces in Exile

4 months ago

Really like to see some Angel deck, seems fun too!

In my opinion being mono-white you could add another Seraph Sanctuary without any trouble. Also because I didn't see a lot of costs in the list. On the same note, needing some cantrip and not having etb-tapped lands, what do you think of Secluded Steppe ? I think it would be useful because given white's draw rate, you could risk late-game landflooding.

Maybe you're interested in Scroll of Avacyn instead of Potion of Healing , the first being probably straight up better in this deck, and more on flavor.

If you ever partially give up on the Angel theme (which I'm not telling you to do, I love theme decks, and playing with friends using them is very fun) I'd consider Heliod's Pilgrim and in that case 1 or two Weight of Conscience , but that's purely hypothetical. I hope you find some use in my comment, cheers!

LunchBox1211 on Aces in Exile

4 months ago

Grubbernaut, I'm trying to stick to Angels as much as possible, although Avian Changeling is up for consideration (mostly because it flies).

In regards to Potion of Healing , my logic was "I need something to draw cards, even if it is a cantrip." Most other decks I've seen have Prophetic Prism , so I was running Scroll of Avacyn , but when I saw Potion of Healing , I thought it was neat. Upping the land count might be a good idea anyways.

Glimmering Angel was added in for fun, but I was running Angelic Page before. I added it back, I felt like it was a bad idea cutting it. Thanks for confirming my gut feeling.

Thanks for the input! I normally play EDH, but the few times I did play pauper with my friend, we had a good time.

Caran_Lyg on Angel/Cleric Tribe

7 months ago

trocroi Revitalize was my first choice but I settled for a non-instant speed option that’s why I picked Scroll of Avacyn because 5 health while having Resplendent Angel on the board and activating the artifact before my opponent’s turn ends immediately gives me an Angel. 80% of the time I have all the lands I need to activate it’s ability that’s why I picked the scroll over anything else. I’m definitely NOT adding the land, maybe Rest for the Weary but I need to figure out what to take out.

SinsOfTheMoon on Shapeshifter Tribal

1 year ago

I won a few tournaments with a similar deck, but it was more control oriented. I'm not posting my complete build online, but here's a few ideas :

Universal Automaton allows so many recursive interaction with Emry, Lurker of the Loch. I opted for other slivers, such as Mindlash Sliver, Necrotic Sliver and Harmonic Sliver. Scroll of Avacyn and Scroll of Griselbrand suddenly become very cost efficient and the 2nd one can create good locks with instant speed discard (hello Teferi, Time Raveler).

Even Lurrus in the main deck can be a good option if you play that way. And you know what? You could have a complete 15 card sideboard swap for both kind of plays, either aggro or control :)

cyeRunner on Angel Tribal

1 year ago

you can probably work 1-2 of each Eiganjo Castle and Emeria, The Sky Ruin into the manabase.
Also i'd cut Scroll of Avacyn for some removal or protections spell - destroying a creature and preventing it's damage is better than a 2-Mana Cycle + gain 5 life card.

Joe_Ken_ on Mechanical Graveyard

1 year ago

Scroll of Avacyn , Sunbeam Spellbomb , Origin Spellbomb , and Soul-Guide Lantern would be good for 'mono white' card draw for your deck since you can get them out of the graveyard for value with your commander.

Heliod's Intervention is really good for removal as well as Crush Contraband. Swords to Plowshares is almost a must for white decks since it is just such good removal.

Stuff like Salvage Scout , Restoration Specialist , and Treasure Hunter let you get back the low cmc value artifacts back from your graveyard. Myr Retriever and Scrap Trawler will also get you back stuff.

I would do some searches for infinite combos for Teshar since I don't know of any off the top of my head, but I know they are out there.

Gloglok on Angels of Power

2 years ago


Interesting deck, have been into Angels myself for quite some time.

I wanted to ask you why did you remove the Resplendent Angel , and also why do you keep the Scroll of Avacyn now that you have removed the Angels? ^^

Thank you for the deck and for your answers!

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