This deck is a fun combo deck to play. Every game is something different. This deck can do many things. General Purpose of the Deck is to Sac your own creatures before the end step of each players turn to have creatures with enter the battlefield triggers return in to play for either Opp Discarding / Opp Creature Sac / Land Tutoring / Token Producing / +/+Pumping / Pinging / or Life Gain. Each creature has its own special ETB that affects the board. If Shirei is sent to the graveyard, he can be recovered by any of the recursion enchantments/spells.

Token Producers: Pawn of Ulamog / Marsh Flitter (continue to sac Marsh Flitter to create an army of 1/1 goblins)

General Counters pump - Blade of the Bloodchief / Sadistic Glee / General Pump - Nightmare lash / Fallen Ideal

Player Sac Engines (Sac-Self) - Pumpers - Scavenger Drake / Bloodthrone Vampire / Flesh-Eater Imp / Ashnod's Altar / Skullclamp

Mana Ramps - Basal Thrull

Life Gain - Bottle Gnomes

Deck Manipulation- Viscera Seer

Opp Player Sac - Butcher of Malakir / Magus of the Abyss / Kuon, Ogre Ascendant / Grave Pact/ Kozilek, Butcher of Truth

Opp Discard - BlackCat / Ashen-Skin Zubera / Whispering Specter / Needle Specter / Augur of Skulls. (Many w/ Comes in to Play triggers)

Creature Recursion - Shirei / Myr Retriever / Malevolent Awakening / Volrath's Stronghold / Oversold Cemetery / Beacon of Unrest /

Pingers/Removal - Bone Shredder / Fume Spitter / Kiku, Night's flower, Necropede / Blister Beetle / Triskielion

Mana Ramp - Basal Thrull / Nirkana Revenant / Armillary Sphere / Sol Ring / Ashnod's Altar / Herald of Leshrac / Myr Moon vessel / Pilgrim's Eye / Thawing Glaciers / Cabal Coffers+Tomb of Yawg

Enders - Shirei (added with equipment/enchants)/ Flesh-Eater Imp (after saccing enough creatures-swinging for lethal poison) / Kozilek, Butcher of Truth / Nightmare

Always looking for comments or suggestions.Thanks.


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Drop - Platinum Emperion / Mindslaver / Festering Goblin

Add - Skullclamp / Citanul Flute / Liliana Vess


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