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Greetings, fellow red mages.

My very first EDH deck (many years ago) was headed by Jaya Ballard, Task Mage - It was fun & janky, but I ultimately decided to go with my favorite MtG creature Akroma, Angel of Fury for my mono-red EDH needs; check out how things are going with her here (Currently the top-rated Akroma deck on tappedout!): The Red Terror: Akroma, Angel of Fury EDH

Well, the new Oathbreaker format has allowed the triumphant return of Jaya (and mono red) into a new world of possibilities. Here's the skinny:

  • Players are back to 20 life. This brings LOTS of red cards back into the mix for us. Consistently having to deal 40 damage per player was....a challenge for mono red. Now we have access again to many of red's staples.

  • The Oathbreaker's signature spell, as I see it, allows not only for abuse of excellent cards, it allows getting around structural aspects of the game that left me at times frustrated with mono-red. Now we can get reliable access to things like tutors ( Gamble ) and, in my case, CARD DRAW ( Wheel of Fortune ).

Anyway, to the deck:

1.) Jaya Ballard 's first ability allows us to cast my signature Wheel of Fortune the turn she comes out. So, ideally, empty your hand, reload. Again and AGAIN. Red now has consistency built into every game of this singleton format.

2.) Graveyard recurrence ( Mizzix's Mastery , Past in Flames , Shreds of Sanity ) lets you wheel without fear of missing out on a good spell (or just casting it again!).

3.) Seismic Assault seemed necessary to metabolize every resource I had - specifically lands that I'd discard from wheeling, or wheeling into a flood.

Finally, how uncanny the similarity between Jaya and the Keeper of the Seeds from Mad Max Fury Road?! (I'll maybe do something cute with this in the future):

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