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I love these mad bozos and I love commander, now to mix these two.

I'm making a mono red goblin deck trying to abuse pinging and sacrifice effects on my poor gobbo's, key cards being "Siege-Gang Commander", "Goblin Sharpshooter", "Goblin Bombardment", "Squee, the Immortal" and best of all the commander "Krenko, Mob Boss" making all the tokens you need to launch.

This deck wants to run more lands than an average goblin deck because of the repeated use of Squee to sacrifice him again and again to deal with things on the board and players their life totals.

All in all this deck will mostly focus on flavor, chaos, suffering opponents and suffering gobbo's!


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Big change to the deck to try some stuff out. I've decided to remove Zada, Hedron Grinder and the buff instants I used on him from the deck, since his main point of power didn't seem to fit the deck's plan and I never felt it was wise to use him. Instead I've opted for a lot(and I mean a lot!) of card draw, My favorite being Skullclamp. After getting unlimited gobbo's and mana you can use Skullclamp to instantly kill a gobbo and draw a card for one mana, seems pretty good.


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