A themed Boss Sligh/RedDeckWins that I came up with to abuse Fists of the Demigod , Ashenmoor Liege , & Psychotic Fury ..

Part of the inspiration for this was to make a flavorful deck that is cheap, easy to learn, and fun to play; and while not exactly Tier-1 material, it would certainly clean-up at a Casual tournament----especially considering that Doom Blade & Ultimate Price are completely dead cards against this deck..

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I originally started this while my Johnny side was playing with the Timmy side, but they were causing such a stir that Spike decided to show up to play.. So what I'm saying is: if there is a way to increase the overall competitiveness while staying in theme--Great. Otherwise I do understand that this may never be much more than a Tier-2~3 brew overall, but that doesn't mean that it can't still give the Tier-1 archetypes a run for their money too!! ;)



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After some live playtesting against friends, I finally mainboarded Lightning Bolt, but more importantly I found a new card for this deck: Psychotic Fury..


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