Misthollow Griffin


Format Legality
Vintage Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Legacy Legal
Modern Legal

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Set Rarity
Avacyn Restored Mythic Rare

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Misthollow Griffin

Creature — Griffin

FlyingYou may cast Misthollow Griffin from exile.

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Misthollow Griffin Discussion

enpc on Need Ideas for a 5-Color ...

1 month ago

Phaetion: Yeah, Sliver Queen ins't cheap.

Food Chain Tazri is a cool build, basically you run Misthollow Griffin / Eternal Scourge with Food Chain to get infintie creature mana. Then you cast your commander , tutoring something like Kalastria Healer and then exile and recast your commadner until the table is dead.

If you wanted, you could probably adapt the strategy to use Deadeye Navigator / Eldrazi Displacer and Palinchron / Peregrine Drake / Great Whale if budget is a concern. And flicker for allies is not a bad strategy at all.

Brassmoose on SBT Combo

1 month ago

why dont you run Misthollow Griffin

Darth_Savage on UB Horror Trespass

1 month ago

Misthollow Griffin might be a nice fit, if you want to play in the exile zone and Serum Powder could be another way to get cards into exile and filter your deck some... Outside of those I can't think of many exile tricks, triggers tend to be from dies or enters graveyard rather than on exile, still there might be some potential in the two cards I mentioned.

Icbrgr on Oh No! My Deck is Ruin(ator)ed!

1 month ago

@CheshShire If I were to add green Satyr Wayfinder seems like a good start. I would then be able to maybe justify Torrent Elemental over Misthollow Griffin possibly. Seems like a good suggestion. If i come across other green creatures that fit the agenda here it could be a good replacement for Screeching Skaab. Thanks for the comment/suggestions and ill think about it!

LordSheep on Maelstrom Petdeck - Ramp, Ramp, Goodstuff

1 month ago

Thank you for your comment! I considered Misthollow Griffin, but I think he's too underwhelming without Food Chain.You are right with Mind's Dilation and All Is Dust. They don't really fit into the overall strategy, but I just like to play Mind's Dilation and see what happens.What would you include in this deck except for Misthollow Griffin?

greatdevourer on Maelstrom Petdeck - Ramp, Ramp, Goodstuff

1 month ago

Great deck. Have you considered Misthollow Griffin to work with the Food Chain?
To me it looks like the Mind's Dilation and the All Is Dust don't really fit that well into your overall strategy. If I were looking to cut something, the Mind's Dilation or the All Is Dust would be something to consider. The rest of the cards look really good.

SageOfStone on Maelstrom Wanderer, King of Cool Cascade Kids

1 month ago

What do you think of Food Chain, Misthollow Griffin and Eternal Scourge? With Maelstrom Wanderer and Food Chain, you can potentially net a ton of value, as well as possibly go straight infinite and cast your entire library (if you cascade into Misthollow or Scourge).

Lightsaber2814 on Allies Rally for the win

1 month ago

Food Chain + Misthollow Griffin or Eternal Scourge is an instant win. Use the infinite mana from them to cast tazri, grab an Hagra Diabolist, sac tazri to the food chain, and keep blinking her to get infinite life loss triggers

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