Heir of Falkenrath


Heir to the Night


Format Legality
Tiny Leaders Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Heirloom Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Penny Dreadful Legal
Block Constructed Legal
Leviathan Legal
Legacy Legal
Frontier Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Unformat Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Shadows over Innistrad (SOI) Uncommon

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Heir of Falkenrath

Creature — Vampire

Discard a card: Transform Heir of Falkenrath. Activate this ability only once each turn.

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Heir of Falkenrath Discussion

Apollo_Paladin on Tibalt Madness

3 days ago

Simian Spirit Guide is a really good call, but it doesn't have much synergy early-game with Black or any cards other than Tibalt, the Fiend-Blooded. (Unless you really feel like dropping a Turn 1 Lightning Bolt, I guess)

I use a Putrid Imp in my Legacy speed dredge deck as well as Heir of Falkenrath  Flip and Stromkirk Condemned - a couple other manaless Discard options albeit with once-per-turn constraints (though they are Vampires to go with my other suggestions and are Modern-Legal).

Silverdrake on BR Vampies

2 months ago

Glad to hear I was of some help!

As far as getting ahead with aggro goes, there's a couple things to keep in mind. You want to spend all your mana every turn to ensure your opponent is dead as fast as possible. In order to achieve that you want to keep your curve as low as possible - maximizing on 1-2 drops with 3 being top end and 4 being your absolute lategame. That in mind, you might want to drop a few 3s for some more 1-2s. Metallic Mimic, Stromkirk Condemned, Heir of Falkenrath  Flip, and Asylum Visitor are all great options for the 2 slot, and Lightning Bolt is the biggest aggro piece you're missing from the 1 slot. Falkenrath Gorger would also be a reasonable call for the 1 slot.
Ruthless Cullblade is great if your opponent is already at or below 10, but doesn't do much to actually help you get them there. I'd say it'd probably worth cutting in favor of one of the other two drops mentioned above. Rakish Heir would also be reasonable to cut for one of the above cards since it's easily the worst 3 drop vampire you have here.
Before you make any cuts though, there's another general rule of aggro you should consider - lands. Typically speaking, the more aggressive your deck is, the fewer lands you want to run. After all, what are you going to do with a 5th land? Or a 6th? Your highest cost is 4 and there's only so many things you can play in one turn. With your current setup, you probably don't want to draw more than 5-6 lands in the whole game. With that in mind, you can (and should) significantly drop the number of lands you're playing. 21-23 would be a much more appropriate number for your deck, depending on what the cost of the cards you add in is. That gives you 4-6 more slots to fit things like the vamps I mentioned above or some more removal (4x terminate is pretty low. Maybe consider 2x Fatal Push to bring it up to 6)

I know you say this is meant for your friends, but if you ever want to take it to an fnm or anything more competetive I'd be more than happy to help you build a sideboard, too :)
Whatever you decide to do, good luck!

cujo253 on #GotPain?

5 months ago

The new Archfiend of Despair looks like a must have. I personally really like Chandra, Torch of Defiancetoo.

On a personal note, I love Heir of Falkenrath  Flip because shes and early flyer that almost always activates Rakdos being cast, and it helps load of the big fellas into the yard so you can cheat into play.

Maybe Coffin Queen...? Oldie but a goodie

nUKe13 on Ahhh!! Vampire Madness

6 months ago

+1 for Vampires and madness! Too bad I can only give 1 upvote

You need Faithless Looting, Tormenting Voice, or Collective Brutality.

As far as vampires go, I would say Heir of Falkenrath  Flip and Bloodghast.

Last, Fiery Temper and Bump in the Night work as well.

Good luck!

raidersfan18 on Modern Vampire Ultra Budget

7 months ago

Victim of Night is a card I was considering to replace Disfigure, but I don't think I want any kill spells on my SB.

Blackmail is an interesting card, thanks for mentioning.

Now a question for my IRL, same deck with Smuggler's Copter instead of Heir of Falkenrath  Flip. I have the Bloodstained Mire to splash red for artifact removal. Or I could go Inquisition of Kozilek and Surgical Extraction.

raidersfan18 on Modern Vampire Ultra Budget

7 months ago

I'm seriously considering cutting Heir of Falkenrath  Flip and Disfigure both are cards that often get pitched to Stromkirk Condemned anyway. Right now I am considering Smuggler's Copter to take the place of Heir of Falkenrath.

Thanks for your suggestion of Damping Matrix it is now on a very short list of cards to consider for my sideboard. Exactly the reason why I came here.

Disciple_of_Doran on Modern Vampire Ultra Budget

7 months ago

Even not on a budget, mono-black seems to have issues with affinity. My best suggestion would be Damping Matrix, but it does also hose half of your creatures. You could mitigate this some by trading out Heir of Falkenrath  Flip for Guul Draz Vampire, which honestly seems like a decent trade anyways.

nUKe13 on Succumb to Darkness [B/R Vampires]

7 months ago

Uncanny_Ghoul I used to play Heir of Falkenrath  Flip. Two things i found: I would rather pump the whole team with Stromkirk Condemned and Vampire Nighthawk is one of the best cards in modern, and combod with Stromkirk Captain, makes it VERY difficult to deal with.

Heir of Falkenrath  Flip is one of my favorite vampires, I just think it belongs in a build more centered around madness, whereas this build is more tribal beat down. I do appreciate your comment!

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