Heir to the Night


Heir of Falkenrath  Flip


Format Legality
Tiny Leaders Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Heirloom Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Block Constructed Legal
Custom Legal
Leviathan Legal
Legacy Legal
Frontier Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Oathbreaker Legal
Unformat Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Shadows over Innistrad (SOI) Uncommon

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Heir to the Night

Creature — Vampire Beserker


Heir to the Night Discussion

Neotrup on What happens when a DFC ...

2 years ago

Importantly, Heir to the Night  Flip is a Delver of Secrets  Flip in this scenario, it is not an Insectile Aberration even though it's back face is up and it transformed while being a copy. Interestingly, if you activated Heir of Falkenrath and your opponent responded by casting Cytoshape both targeting and choosing Heir of Falkenrath (so that it became a copy of itself) it would transform (so Heir to the Night  Flip was face up) but still be an Heir of Falkenrath.

Rhadamanthus on What happens when a DFC ...

2 years ago

Heir of Falkenrath will transform (since it's still a DFC, which is a physical property that can't be changed), but it will remain a Delver of Secrets  Flip until the copy effect wears off.

In the system of layers that the game uses to determine a card's characteristics, the printed text of a card is basically "Layer 0" and copy effects are in Layer 1. In your example the copy effect turning Heir of Falkenrath into a Delver is still going to be applied on top of Heir to the Night  Flip's printed characteristics. It will go back to being Heir to the Night when the copy effect finally wears off.

chosenone124 on What happens when a DFC ...

2 years ago

Heir (or whatever it is) would still transform.

Let me explain. Double facedness is not a copiable characteristic. You only copy a front face of a card. The fact that a back face exists and that it is Heir to the Night  Flip is unchanged.

"711.5. Only permanents represented by double-faced cards can transform. (See rule 701.26, "Transform.") If a spell or ability instructs a player to transform any permanent that isn't represented by a double-faced card, nothing happens.

Example: A Clone enters the battlefield as a copy of Wildblood Pack (the back face of a double-faced card). The Clone will be a copy of the Wildblood Pack. Because the Clone is itself not a double-faced card, it can't transform."

Because double facedness is not a copiable characteristic, by definition it is not overwritten by copy effects. Therefore the card would be a Delver of Secrets with a transform trigger on the stack. It would transform into Heir to the Night  Flip.

I believe the same would happen even if you Cytoshaped it into a Storm Crow. The transform trigger is already on the stack in this scenario.

Zorynjaibro on Something's in the Heir (KLD)

3 years ago

FNM Results 10/14

(3-1) 3rd Place

Round 1 vs. UG Marvel (2-0)

My opponent was very experienced, and I looked forward to a first round loss. This deck however is a joke against aggro. Had he been able to cast Aetherworks Marvel, he may have had a chance, but even Ulamog can't stop wide aggro.

Round 2 vs. UB Aethercrush (2-0)

Another experienced player, but slow decks can only hope to prolong their deaths. He kept getting Crush of Tentacles and casting cost artifacts to gain with Aetherflux Reservoir. That would buy him a turn or two til I knocked him right back down.

Round 3 vs. BG Delirium (1-2)

I beat him quick the first game. The second game I kept a slow hand and paid for it as he got all the removal he needed, and I got more swamps. Game 3 was close, but I only had 3 Vampire Cutthroats for the first 7 turns. He got out Kalitas, Traitor of Ghet out and gained some life/zombies. Eventually I killed the treasonous cunt with a double Ashmouth Blade  Flip/Heir to the Night  Flip, but by that time he had Ishkanah, Grafwidow with delirium and three zombies.

Round 4 vs. WUBRG Value (2-1)

He played a bunch of ETB guys with Panharmonicon. 1st game I leveled him off with Drana, Liberator of Malakir by the 5th turn. Second game I got flooded with swamps and he had Arborback Stomper and Verdurous Gearhulk. 3rd game I flipped 2 Voldaren Pariah  Flips. He couldn't keep up with my fliers.

I found that Smuggler's Copter was decent if I got them out turn 2 with a few 1 drops to crew them. Hand filtering didnt seem as good as I thought especially if I didn't get any madness cards, or if I needed to tap out to play cards from my hand before looting. Usually the first card to get cut to sideboard.

Surprisingly, I didn't go to sideboard very often, so apparently the build is decent.

Vamps are back baby! Concede or be completely drained!

ducttapedeckbox on

3 years ago

Yeah, it seemed like an easy fix. Now I have to see if adding Heir to the Night  Flip and Alms of the Vein are worth it. Not sure. I kind of like this list in general. Needs some tweaking.

I think I have to figure out how to use the Courier. It didn't feel right in testing.

What did you mean by your Stroke of Genius reference above?

casmiel on Extorting Mad Vamps

3 years ago

I think that's a good start, if you play a couple of games with that line-up you'll probably notice if something is missing yourself, or if the deck feels clunky. Luckily, B/W/R has solutions for all sorts of problems. There are lot of upgrades you could go for, but that's a decent start if you want to keep it budget. My favourite thing about Heir of Falkenrath  Flip is probably that I can play it on turn 2 and discard Incorrigible Youths on turn 3 to swing for 7. In general, with sufficient Madness cards, Heir to the Night  Flip is a 3/2 Flyer for 2 Mana, that's pretty strong overall.

7Vevermind on Budget Madness

3 years ago

Ideal draws usually have me attacking on turn three with Incorrigible Youths and a Heir to the Night  Flip for a fast 7 damage.

KUW on Hard Mother Suckers

3 years ago

Thanks lowe_gule. It's not overly polished, but if you can can swing T3 with Heir to the Night  Flip and Incorrigible Youths you've got a pretty happy start. I'm not sure if Indulgent Aristocrat is really going to pay off (I am thinking Malakir Cullblade would have been better) and I have a feeling Tormenting Voice is stronger than Macabre Waltz.

Any way, looking forward to seeing which decks perform in the poor man challenge. That'll be interesting.

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