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MarshalLaeroth's Binder


This is my current binder of stuff. The vast majority of items listed are Mint (pack fresh) or Near-Mint (very light play and/or like-new) and expect all trade offers to contain cards which are likewise. I also deal in English-only cards and prefer to ship only to addresses in the USA, with the rare exception. If you have questions about the condition of a card or from which set a card belongs (because I didn't specify in the binder), feel free to ask. For reference, I use the mid-level value of TCGPlayer's pricing guide to conduct trades. I am also willing to sell any cards on my "Have List" via Paypal (min $10 purchase). Please place all trade inquiries on my main page, so that I get notification of you posting. If you comment here on my binder, please tag me so I get a notification.

NOTE: I prefer non-foil cards and will never go out of my way to trade for foils, primarily due to the arbitrary increase in value it creates. Thank you. :)

I also have emblems for: Elspeth, Sun's Champion, Liliana of the dark realm, and Domri Rade.

Currently looking for the emblem for Sorin, Lord of Innistrad.

1x Cabal Coffers

Just hit me up if something interests you! Thanks for looking! :)

Users I vouch for: ZombieCat, Rocknj06, shinobigarth, angrychains, Shablagoo, Wolfninja, GoldGhost012, BLEATH, Daias, Unforgivn_II, Nate_D, deatn1342, Ashy, Rhinowarrior, paulbenjam, g0dcomplex, samk125