Goal of the Deck

"Tap 'Em Out" is all about tapping down my opponents so I can swing in for major commander damage. This makes Rhoda, Geist Avenger a major target since she will be voltroning. I have included some ways of protecting her Robe of Stars, Counterspell, and Unwind. But, Rhoda is still vulnerable... One work around would be better/bigger spirits.. I would love help in two areas: Protecting Rhoda and Mana base.

Protecting Rhoda

I love flavor and tribal (this is evident if you look at most of my decks!) I do not know of many bulky or scary spirits/geists, but that's okay! Rhoda is a human, and she definitely has some human allies out there willing to come to her aid!

Mana base

I recently added some new cards. This has changed my mana pie. I will update to make sure I have adequate mana for each color. But, the major concern in utility lands, mana rocks, and other cards that can ensure I draw into answers. Another concern I have is my mana curve. I am heavy on the 3-drops, is this a problem? Is this helpful? Should I have more creatures? Less creatures?

All suggestions and comments are welcome. I plan on buying this deck soon. I will post continual updates with how the deck performs.


Updates Add

Another user brought to my attention that my deck is missing some vital fuel. I cannot continue to tap down my opponents if I myself am tapped out. I also am left completely wide open if my board is tapped out...

So, here are the adds:


Now that the additions are out of the way, here is what I cut:


Why did I make these changes? First of all, zachz made these awesome recommendations -- and brought an overlooked aspect to mind. I need to untap my own creatures in order to tap more often. Untapping my own creatures allows me to also block in case of emergencies. Currently, my deck is not defensive. I do not have many blockers and meaty-bois to save myself with.

Second, these upgrades make my deck just that more streamline. The cards that were removed did not help achieve my goal: tapping my opponents down to size so I could kill them with commander damage.


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