Powerstone Shard

Powerstone Shard


: Add for each artifact you control named Powerstone Shard.

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Powerstone Shard Discussion

Gattison on eyes2sky

5 months ago

2x Cascade Seer, 2x Powerstone Shard plz

Also, a lot of your pauper deck links are "broken" in case you didn't know

Snips500 on All of Pauper's Mana Rocks

6 months ago

TheBrandon- thanks dont know how I missed Thought Vessel since I play it in almost all of my PDH decks :)

Deltrixs- Thanks, I haven't been on top of updating my lists. Letter of Acceptance , all of the Diamonds and Spectral Searchlight have been added to the main. Pentad Prism is going to the maybe board since it doesn't produce mana forever. Powerstone Shard is already in and Prophetic Prism isn't really a mana rock. The signets are in the maybe board since they dont produce mana on their own but do ramp you by one.

Deltrixs on All of Pauper's Mana Rocks

7 months ago

You forgot Prophetic Prism and Powerstone Shard . Both cards are good for color fixing and colorless ramp

KBK7101 on Rebbec and Glacian - Thran Ingenuity (v1.85)

10 months ago

carpecanum Not into the theft theme, personally but I'll add them to the maybeboard for anyone else who might be interested!

Brutal_B I think I have a Mirage Mirror around somewhere. Might replace Mirrormade with it. Would Master Transmuter take the place of Arcum Dagsson , as they both have similar abilities (getting rid of one artifact and replacing it with another)? Wurmcoil Engine is a good idea as I was looking to maybe replace Thopter Assembly as they have the same CMC. I was thinking of replacing it with Steel Hellkite , though (same CMC again). What would be a good card to cut for the Wurm?

Copying Powerstone Shard sounds hilarious by the way. lol

Brutal_B on Rebbec and Glacian - Thran Ingenuity (v1.85)

10 months ago

Oh yeah...copying Powerstone Shard will give you a good bit of . Use Mechanized Production with it for lots of

Snake_Oil on All-Form One, One-Form All [Orvar Goodstuff]

11 months ago


Powerstone Shard is a good idea, though at 3 it's a bit expensive in terms of mana cost. Cloudpost at least doesn't cost anything to play though less spells can target it. It's absolutely worth considering though for big mana.

Clockspinning is simply there as a buyback spell, the counter effect won't occur, but the spell can still be cast and target a permanent for Orvar's effect. Same with Whim of Volrath and Mind Games -- Those do have some fringe usages for their actual effects, but both are more there as trigger spells to make tokens. The Cipher spells are in similar space, you're not casting them for their actual effects 9 times out of 10, you cast them for the tokens.

NivMizzet04 on All-Form One, One-Form All [Orvar Goodstuff]

11 months ago

If you already have Cloudpost why not add Powerstone Shard?

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