Tegwyll, Duke of Splendor is a Flying/Deathtouch 2/3 for 3 Mana...who Lords other Faeries with +1/+1...AND has an death trigger ability (that can trigger an unlimited number of times in a turn) for you to draw a card and lose 1 life.

It is that last ability that makes Tegwyll exciting. You can very easily go wide and create Faeries in Dimir colors, and having full grips of cards means you are less likely to miss land drops and are able to have a lot of spell options. We are going full Dimir Fae Tribal.

This is the core of the deck. It is a Dimir, "Draw, Go" EDH deck which responds to the board, plays a heavy control game and then pounces at the right moment.

Win Conditions:

1) Air Force One - pretty much everything is a flying creature AND there are a lot of tokens and Lords in the deck. The very first time I piloted the deck, it won by creating a board state of 7x 5/5 flying creatures against a bunch of ground pounding decks.

2) Shadow Puppeteers - since pretty much all creatures in your deck have flying and you make a lot of tokens by default. So the ability to attack making them all 4/4 Dragons is lit. Especially combining with the +1/+1 from Tegwyll. Swing away!

3) Faerie Bladecrafter - this takes some setup to be a win con, but hear me out. There will always be players who cannot block flying creatures. Combat damage is dealt all at the same time so you have to attack multiple people, but basically, this dude can get +3/+3 every turn, not to mention additional strength from the Lord effects in the deck. On the crack back, if this dude dies it hits EACH OPPONENT for its Power whilst you gain that same amount of life. This puts you potentially Very far ahead. It becomes a "must exile" threat and if I answered, can end games.


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