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He's some Dragon God bloke from the desert or something.

A Grixis control(?) deck themed around Nicol Bolas and various shenanigans involving him.

The deck certainly has potential to win games, inherit within the Nicol cards themselves, however I suspect you'll quickly become the arch enemy of the table. But why wouldn't you? You are rep-ing the big man Himself!

There's a mild Amass package to grow and unleash your own Dreadhorde Invasion . Slap an Elder Mastery on your creation and they'll grow up to be just like Dad! Use Nicol's eternal minions ( God-Eternal Bontu God-Eternal Kefnet Neheb, Dreadhorde Champion ) to lead the charge as you build Amonkhet and all it's deserty, Obelisky splendour.

Disclaimer: I will admit there are some non-theme cards; Spark Double and the signets. Bolas' are costly and we'd like to hit the big 10's on our big X sorceries. The majority of the deserts are beyond awful but they look fantastic. Who knows, you might blast down the table with Ifnir Deadlands ! The land base can be upgraded with AHK taps if colours become an issue. There are themed cards I've left out to restrict budget that may not pull their weight Tezzeret, Agent of Bolas and others that straight up don't do anything Imminent Doom . They both have potential with more proliferate abilities. Could be worth looking into.

If you have any thoughts or suggestions on themed (or Nicol enabling non-themed) cards, synergies or flavours, please leave a comment.


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