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Breaking Bones With Sticks and Stones

Commander / EDH Land Destruction RG (Gruul)



Borborygmos Enraged has been one of my favorite commanders since I started playing EDH. (Which hasn't been long)

I've seen several Borby EDH builds that have around 70+ lands and the rest is just sort of "land matters" type cards... I think its important to have some good ramp and land synergy among your permanents, but I think to really have Borby go off you need to focus on getting him to trigger more. Otherwise, you'll burn through the lands in your hand way too quickly.

Thats why this deck has lots of double strike and deathtouch cards. (because trample and double strike combo so well with deathtouch!)

I really wanna make Borborygmos Enraged multiplayer relevant, so as always, any recommendations and/or advice is welcomed and appreciated.

Thanks for taking a look!


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