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5 Color Avatar of Might Deck.

David Yovino

How does it work:

The main card in this Deck is Forbidden Orchard . First it gives us all the Mana we need, second it gives tokens to your opponent. Thats one main goal. Give him creatures to punish him for having creatures. Therefore we must play some Defense against creatures, because every game will be creature heavy.

Defensive cards:

Amulet of Safekeeping : This card is a main card to have, not only against the tokens, but to slow burn and handdisruption, since every card which is taregting us costs more. Ghostly Prison : This card slows opponents to attack or devlop their board. Most of the time they can attack or develop but not both at the same turn. Trespasser's Curse : This Enchantment is really important. It will drain for every creature an opponent gets. So literally we drain, because we give them creatures. For this Defense we need some protection. This comes with the help of Boros Charm .


We need all the cards to work together, so we need at least one copy of every defensive card. Therefore we use Serum Visions and Sleight of Hand to filter through our deck.

Offensive cards and finisher:

Avatar of Might is really scary, especially turn 2 or 3. 8/8 with trample does a lot of work early in the game. T1: Forbidden Orchard, Serum Visions or Sleight of Hands, --> Opponent has 1 token. If Opponent plays a creature, T2 the Avatar can be there T2: Forbidden Orchard, Forbidden Orchard --> give 2 Tokens --> 3 Tokens + creature --> Avatar of Might is there. If Opponent plays not a creature: T2: Forbidden Orchard, Amulet of Safekeeping T3: Avatar of Might

Another big threat is Hunted Phantasm . 4/6 unblockable is big for and it gives 5 tokens to the opponent. With Trespasser's Curse it can be a massive amount of lifeloss with only one creature. So we are able to reduce the lifetotal with giving tokens to our opponent. If he has enough tokens we are able to finish with Rakdos Charm . Since we only play 6 creatures, we wont be much affectd by the damage all creatures will give to their owners. But our opponent has to care about, since he has unwanted Spirits and Goblins.

Situational Cards:

Path to Exile and Assassin's Trophy are our removal. Yes we help to ramp, but with our defense online, most of the time the ramp does nothing scary to us. Stubborn Denial and Swan Song are some counters against non-creature spells to have some control element.


Since we play the full cycle, we have to fix our Manasources. 4x Forbidden Orchard and 4x City of Brass will give us every color. With one of them at the board Reflecting Pool will give us the same colors. So basically we have 12x 5-Colored Lands. We play 1x Flooded Strand . This will give us 4 Colors to play with 1x Breeding Pool and 1x Watery Grave but we are able to search for a basic Plains . Therefore we play one copy of each basic land. Filed of Ruin gives us one more fetch for a basic while destroying some heavy land.


Burn, 8-Rack, Mill: With an early Amulett of Safekeeping we can slow this strategies and build our set up. Trespasser's Curese works great against Burn and red, blue, black have troubles to get rid of this card.


Tron, Control: Against this typ of decks it will be a long and hard game, but i don't see any favor to one side. against both we have our counters and Assassin's Trophy can crush some lands or big threats as could Path to Exile against a Wurmcoil Engine . All Is Dust has to be countered, since Boros Charm doesn't work out there. Against control we have to build an early Trespasser's Curse and Amulet of Safekeeping and can rely on our Forbidden Orchard to do the job alone.


Spirits: This is the deck we won't play against since we give them Spirit tokens. That alone wouldn't be a problem, but they play Spirit lords. Therefore Amulet of Safekeeping is no protection to us anymore. We have to play Ghostly Prison to held down the attacks. The other main Weakness is Blood Moon . We are playing only 5 Basics and with a Red Moon we are no longer able to play like we want to. Therefore we have some answers against it with counters in the main board and removal in the side board, but it will hurt us, every turn it isn't answered.


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