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Time Vault + Animate Artifact + Freed from the Real = Infinite Turns in mono-Blue, your commander not required.

August 15, 2018 9:28 a.m.

The Undying Vision

Legendary Creature - Wizard
Sacrifice this creature: Scry X, where X is the amount of mana spent to cast the creature when it came into play.

The only idea I had to get it to work was to borrow an idea from Commander and tie the Cascade to the Commander's cost, and then give it a self-sac outlet.

Let's see... Make a card that represents a chess piece.

August 11, 2018 9:54 p.m.

Jace, Doing Paperwork Like He Should Be

Legendary Planeswalker - Jace
+1: Scry 1, then draw a Card.
0: Until the end of your next draw step, each player plays with their hand revealed.
-2: Fateseal 2, then that player draws a card.

Create a card for Vivien Reid, something that isn't horribly generic for a Green'Walker.

August 9, 2018 8:54 p.m.

Gix, Phyrexian Deceiver

Legendary Creature - Demon Advisor
Whenever an opponent pays life, they loose that much additional life, and you gain that much life.
"What will you give to me, Mishra, to end your brother?"


I want a pirate. I want a pirate that synergizes with vehicles. Please. And thank you.

August 7, 2018 12:10 a.m.

I'm better. I just don't have the time or energy to write an article in time for review and edits on Thursday. I really need to crack down and rebuild my buffer.

August 6, 2018 10:03 p.m.

Due to sickness, work, and prep for a convention this coming week, I'm going to have to announce there will be no PR this week.

August 6, 2018 7:40 p.m.

The Infinite Consortium would have been an excellent opponent in your point. A group of essentially Interplanar thieves.

August 6, 2018 8:42 a.m.

nyctophasm: I am a spoiled brat when it comes to stories, as I grew up with the novels. And the novels and the cards tended to play well together. As I will note when I get to the end of Ravnica, in the initial stories, each of the guild mechanics is shown off in the story as relevant and properly applied, rather than being obligatory and out of nowhere.

In an ideal world, the story and the cards will compliment each other. The Story Highlights are a step back in the right direction, but one of the things needed to help bridge the gap are a return of comprehensive flavour text for cards that support it. Quotes from the story while showing said events.

Now, I'm not asking for Tempest, where the entire story can be laid out on the cards - assuming you can deduce the order.

Rather, what I would like is for a better collusion between flavour and story. Art and words. Something that would require more effort for little material gain.

August 3, 2018 7:59 p.m.

On another forum, this was the reply given to me:

I disliked your articles entire thesis.

The Eldrazi were shown as a massive threat on the cards, even in RoE. You can't criticise Annihilator as being overpowered in the same sentence you criticise the game for not showing the Eldrazi as threat.

And the Eldrazi are supposed to be cosmic horror antagonists. Their not supposed to be have actions that are characterised as evil, since they simply are. Your definition of villains is heavily biased against cosmic horror antagonists, which are typically treated as villains by leypeople. And Bfz block was fundamentally an everyone versus nature story where the card art and text showed the Eldrazi as an environmental threat. And wizards tried to give the Eldrazi cultists like Kalitas and Ayli as villains, while also having Ob Nixilis be independent so they were aware of this issue.

Your critique of New Phyrexia applies just as much to say the Borg or Chaos from Warhammer 40k. And strangely they still work as antagonists despite the audience not being nano-engineers or geneticists. You can have totally hostile enemy that tries to corrupt you and you use as a tool, and it works. Claiming that the Borg and Chaos Cultists aren't villains is a massive stretch, especially considering Geth and Glissa were actual characters.

Phyrexians have as much a right to the title of Magics Greatest Evil as Yawgmoth. Since they were synonymous before Scars block and Yawgmoth only showed up as a villain in person the Thran.

Your discount the role of environmental storytelling, which is MTG strength. Having the Mirran ratios decline each subsequent set of Scars block is an legitimate storytelling technique. And have stories where the villains win isn't an unprecedented slap in the face, it's a stock part of storytelling and is typically used to great effect. Having the Phrexians win works on a narrative level, and on artistic level. The slaping the player on the face works to set up future stories and had a greater emotional impact than any moment in the Weatherlight Saga. And there were surviving Murrans, Koth and Elspeth so no, there were good guys left.

I mostly agree with you about Bolas. To Wizard credit, they gave him a moment where he remembers the things he's forgotten and is afraid that there thing's he forgotten every knowing in the first place. To Bolas, the mending is causing him to grow senile and get dementia. He's wants to preserve his sanity as much as to gain power.

Wizards is great at telling environmental stories due to the medium of the card game. A card game is horrible for showing character narratives, which is why Tempest Block didn't work, since the actual events weren't numbered. The cards of scar of mirrodin block did a better job of telling a story than rath block. As did Innistrad and Tarkir blocks, since they played to magics strengths and not it's weakness. Environmental threats are what magics best at representing, which is why the Eldrazi and Phyrexians work since they can show up in large numbers at common. And while Amonkhet block as about Nicol Bolas, he stayed in the backdrop and the eternals did the heavy lifting.

I'll also nominate Heliad as a better villain using your criteria. He has understandable motivations, his betrayal of Elspeth makes the audience hate him and it's all shown on cards.

August 2, 2018 11:33 p.m.

Well, I will talk more about Bolas in ... 11 hours? How about we save more conversation about him for then.

August 2, 2018 1:15 a.m.

Which is a characterization completely at odds with the Emperor of Madara, and even more recently, his inner thoughts as he reshaped Amonkhet.

Bolas as petty and spiteful from Ugin's perspective (and please remember - Ugin is not unbiased) is an attempt by Wizards to set up flaws for Jace to exploit on Ravnica to finally 'win'.

July 31, 2018 7:39 p.m.

Windgrace, Master of Urborg

Legendary Planeswalker - Windgrace
+1: You may play an additional land this turn, and you may play lands from your Graveyard.
-2: Discard any number of lands, then add that much of any color.
-6: You get an Emblem that states "Whenever a land enters the battlefield under your control, each player and non-Windgrace Planeswalker they control take one damage, then you may draw a card for each point of damage dealt."
This card may be your Commander.

Not the best, but it makes the focus on Lands a bit bigger.

Make an alternate version of one of the non-Windgrace 'Walkers in C18. Just not as focused on Commander.

July 27, 2018 7:44 p.m.


Pattern Recognition #78 - A Response to the Tolarian Community College, Part 2

This week, berryjon finishes his essay regarding the most important part of Magic's meta, and who the current champion is in his eyes.

Features , Opinion , Pattern Recognition 08/02/2018 by berryjon

Pattern Recognition #77 - A Response to the Tolarian Community College

berryjon takes a break from Ravnica this week to address a subject brought up by the Tolarian Community Collage over on YouTube. And it's a very important subject about the story behind the game.

Features , Opinion , Pattern Recognition 07/26/2018 by berryjon

Pattern Recognition #76 - The Story of Ravnica, Part 2

Guildpact and Dissension! It's time for more awesome story as Agrus Kos, Wojek Veteran has several bad days in a row.

Features , Opinion , Pattern Recognition 07/19/2018 by berryjon

Pattern Recognition #75 - The History of Ravnica

Ravnica has an amazing story to it, and today berryjon attempts to do it justice. Or at least start doing it justice. Because Agrus Kos, Wojek Veteran has an Boros Sigil | amazing right hook when it comes to dispensing justice.

Features , Opinion , Pattern Recognition 07/12/2018 by berryjon

Pattern Recognition #74 - Rav, Part 2

Today's Pattern Recognition has berryjon finish off the mechanics of the Guilds, and pick a couple as his personal best and worst of the lot. Opinions desired!

Features , Opinion , Pattern Recognition 07/05/2018 by berryjon

Pattern Recognition #73 - Ravnica, Part 1

By request, berryjon starts to dig deep into the history, mechanics, themes and choices that went into the second most popular Plane in Magic.

Welcome to Ravnica.

Features , Opinion , Pattern Recognition 06/28/2018 by berryjon

Pattern Recognition #72 - Time after Time

This week, berryjon does it again! And Again. And Again. And AGAIN. When will he stop? Probably never.

Features , Opinion , Pattern Recognition 06/21/2018 by berryjon

Pattern Recognition #71 - Fuel for the Fire

On today's issue, berryjon adds some fuel to the fire in hopes that it doesn't go out. Or explodes on him.

Features , Opinion , Pattern Recognition 06/14/2018 by berryjon

Pattern Recognition #70 - Removal

What is up with removal spells? Why can they be so hard to make work or cast?

Turns out, the problem isn't with Removal, as berryjon gives a quick discussion on why this week.

Features , Opinion , Pattern Recognition 06/07/2018 by berryjon

Pattern Recognition #69 - Storm

Just keep casting spells, and maybe you'll win. Today, berryjon looks at the end result of this thought - spells that cast themselves!

Features , Opinion , Pattern Recognition 05/31/2018 by berryjon

Pattern Recognition #68 - Scry 1

Today, berryjon looks at the top of his Library and tries to determine if he should keep it or not. Perhaps he will Foresee a solution!

Features , Opinion , Pattern Recognition 05/24/2018 by berryjon

Pattern Recognition #67 - Mana Curves

Bell? Line? Cliff? What kind of curve do you like? In this issue of Pattern Recognition, berryjon gives a quick primer on what it is, and what it can look like for some archetypes.

Features , Opinion , Pattern Recognition 05/10/2018 by berryjon

Pattern Recognition #66 - Combo Creatures

What's better than Modal spells? Why, creatures that have another card built in! Today, berryjon tries to make sense of this idea. And wanders around like a Meandering River.

Features , Opinion , Pattern Recognition 05/03/2018 by berryjon

Pattern Recognition #65 - The Case of Extended

Today, berryjon examines some of the issues between Standard and Modern, then suggests a nice compromise that already exists.

Features , Opinion , Pattern Recognition 04/26/2018 by berryjon

Pattern Recognition #64 - Dominaria Spiral

With Dominaria on the horizon, berryjon looks at some of the cards and their historical* basis.

*Cards not guaranteed to be Legends, Artifacts or Sagas.

Features , Opinion , Pattern Recognition 04/12/2018 by berryjon

Pattern Recognition #63 - Phyrexia, Part 2

And here is the other hand of berryjon's look at the one great Evil in Magic's history. Nicol Bolas, you're a poser!

Features , Opinion , Pattern Recognition 04/05/2018 by berryjon

Pattern Recognition #62 - Phyrexia, Part 1

The one true evil force for Magic, the Phyrexians. Today, berryjon gives a quick history lesson into their impact on the story of Magic.

Features , Opinion , Pattern Recognition 03/29/2018 by berryjon

Pattern Recognition #61 - Set out of Time

Today, as berryjon works his courage up to talk about Dominaria, he starts by talking about a certain set that is quite out of time - and no, it's not Time Spiral!

Features , Opinion , Pattern Recognition 03/22/2018 by berryjon

Pattern Recognition #60 - Masters

Tomorrow, the third Masters set is released in a year. berryjon weighs in on what they are, what they want to be, and why Wizards is messing up.

Features , Opinion , Pattern Recognition 03/15/2018 by berryjon

Pattern Recognition #59 - Slivers

What's the most powerful tribe? Not Elves. Not Goblins. Not Vehicles.

It's Slivers!

Features , Opinion , Pattern Recognition 03/08/2018 by berryjon

Pattern Recognition #58 - Red Deck Wins

As one of the most consistent deck types in the game, today berryjon looks under the hood with Red Deck Wins and how it rises and falls.

Features , Opinion , Pattern Recognition 03/01/2018 by berryjon

Pattern Recognition #57 - Legendary

Legends make the game, and the game makes Legends. Today, berryjon talks a bit about the history of the Legendary supertype, and what this means for the game.

Features , Opinion , Pattern Recognition 02/22/2018 by berryjon

Pattern Recognition #56 - Fetches

Want to thin your deck? Well, it turns out that there are good options and bad ones. Which one do Fetch Lands fall under?

Features , Opinion , Pattern Recognition 02/15/2018 by berryjon

Pattern Recognition #55 - Artifact Sets

Today on Pattern Recognition, berryjon looks at Artifact Sets, and what their problems are, as well as a couple of solutions.

Features , Opinion , Pattern Recognition 02/01/2018 by berryjon

Pattern Recognition #54D - Dessert

Thank Urza, it's finally over! Today, berryjon gives a summary of what it means for the previous week's worth of numerical breakdown, and why Wizards has done something right with them.

Features , Opinion , Pattern Recognition 01/25/2018 by berryjon

Pattern Recognition #54C - Keyword Sandwich

In this issue of Pattern Recognition, berryjon finishes off his Keyword Sandwich with the last five mechanics. He's a bit more verbose this time. And it's almost done, he swears!

Features , Opinion , Pattern Recognition 01/18/2018 by berryjon

Pattern Recognition #54B - Keyword Salad

This week, berryjon looks at the middle third of the 15 Evergreen Creature Keywords currently in the game - Flying through LIfelink.

Features , Opinion , Pattern Recognition 01/11/2018 by berryjon

Pattern Recognition #54A - Keyword Soup, Part 1

Today, berryjon begins his multi-part analysis of all the Evergreen Creature Keywords in Magic! All 15 of them.

Features , Opinion , Pattern Recognition 01/04/2018 by berryjon

Pattern Recognition #53 - Resurrection

Hello everyone! This week, this week, berryjon addresses a curious request from a reader who wants to know why White has been losing out on cards like Resurrection.

Features , Opinion , Pattern Recognition 11/30/2017 by berryjon

Pattern Recognition #52 - Arabian Nights

With Magic's newest set coming out this week, berryjon takes a look at a different set completely!

Features , Opinion , Pattern Recognition 11/23/2017 by berryjon

Pattern Recognition #51 - Morph

What's in a card? What if you can't tell what it is? What does that make it? Today, berryjon addresses the mechanic that raises these questions, and why it is both good and bad.

Features , Opinion , Pattern Recognition 11/16/2017 by berryjon

Pattern Recognition #50 - Alpha Boons

Welcome back to Pattern Recognition, where everything that has come before will come again.

Features , Opinion , Pattern Recognition 11/02/2017 by berryjon

Pattern Recognition #49 - Modal

This week, berryjon takes a look at a different case of Two-For-One. Only this time, it's a positive thing!

Features , Opinion , Pattern Recognition 10/26/2017 by berryjon

Pattern Recognition #48 - The Great Machine

In this week's Pattern Recognition, berryjon makes a Babylon 5 reference, and points out some of the history of that reference, and what happened when it came out again.

Features , Opinion , Pattern Recognition 10/12/2017 by berryjon

Pattern Recognition #47 - Friends and Family

Friends and Family are the most important thing ever. Especially when they are in the game for that exact reason. Confused? Let berryjon's thoughts weft across your expectations.

Features , Pattern Recognition 10/05/2017 by berryjon

Pattern Recognition #46 - Pirates!

Today, berryjon builds a deck. Here's hoping it doesn't suck!

Features , Opinion 09/28/2017 by berryjon

Pattern Recognition #45 - We can be Heroes

Today, berryjon talks about one of Theros' more prolific mechanics, and the reasons why it failed - leading into the version of it that did succeed. Mostly because his actual planned article for this week couldn't be done in time.

Opinion , Pattern Recognition 09/21/2017 by berryjon

Pattern Recognition #44 - Flowstone

Shape the world, shape your creatures. Today, berryjon looks at an old theme in an old set, and why the results were important for combat.

Opinion , Pattern Recognition 09/14/2017 by berryjon

Pattern Recognition #43 - Gideon Jura

Today, with Jace Totally Lost, berryjon talks about the next member of the Gatewatch, and why having only two loyalty abilities is a hinderance.

Opinion , Pattern Recognition 09/07/2017 by berryjon

Pattern Recognition #42 - Band of Brothers

With this mechanic, berryjon describes how none of us are as strong as all of us. As long as you understand the rules. Urza knows even the author has problems sometimes!

Opinion , Pattern Recognition 08/31/2017 by berryjon

Pattern Recognition #41 - Licids

Adding creatures to creatures is something that was done once long ago, and once in more recent history. Today, berryjon looks at Licids, and their place in history.

Opinion , Pattern Recognition 08/24/2017 by berryjon

Pattern Recognition #40 - Removal

I cast Fatal Push. I cast Counterspell. I cast Crossbow Infantry. What do they all have in common? Today, berryjon talks about removal and why it's so powerful, and fragile at the same time.

Opinion , Pattern Recognition 08/17/2017 by berryjon

Pattern Recognition #39 - Upkeep

Pay now, or pay later, but you will always need to pay during the upkeep. berryjon rambles on about one of the important points in the game, and why its use has changed over the years.

Features , Opinion 08/03/2017 by berryjon

Pattern Recognition #38 - Spellshapers

Today, berryjon looks at a creature type that hasn't been in the game for a while, but still comes up from time to time when Creatures think they can be Players, if only for just one moment.

Features , Opinion 07/27/2017 by berryjon

Pattern Recognition #37 - Figure of Destiny and Level Up

What do you do when you draw a 1/1 for 1 on turn 8? Unless it has something spectacular going for it, there's not a lot, really. Today, berryjon looks at a couple attempts by Wizards to alleviate that potential problem.

Features , Opinion 07/20/2017 by berryjon

Pattern Recognition #36 - Damage and Life Loss

When is taking damage not taking damage? And when has taking damage never done a thing? This issue of Pattern Recognition has berryjon splitting some really fine hairs when it comes to damage and life loss.

Features , Opinion 07/13/2017 by berryjon

Pattern Recognition #35 - Core Sets

Who likes things that are reliable? berryjon does, and this issue of Pattern Recognition will explain what he thinks is one of the most reliable things in Magic - when done right.

Features , Opinion , Pattern Recognition 07/06/2017 by berryjon

Pattern Recognition #34 - Dual Lands

Today, berryjon talks about Dual Lands and what makes them different from all the others.

And gets annoyed in the process when his sense of pattern recognition picks something out.

Features , Opinion , Pattern Recognition 06/29/2017 by berryjon

Pattern Recognition #33 - Volvers Redux

In this reprint of a lost issue of Pattern Recognition, berryjon talks about the best multi-coloured card cycle in the game. At least, in his opinion.

Features , Opinion , Pattern Recognition 06/15/2017 by berryjon

Pattern Recognition #32 - Functional Reprints

No, you're not seeing this article again for the first time. Nor is it an article you're never going to see again. berryjon looks at one of the great mistakes of Magic, and some of the fallout from it.

Features , Opinion , Pattern Recognition 06/08/2017 by berryjon

Pattern Recognition #31 - NWO

berryjon says there ain't no Hulk here! Just an explanation about how the game design of Magic has stayed stable for years and years and years.

Features , Opinion , Pattern Recognition 06/01/2017 by berryjon

Pattern Recognition #30 - Regeneration

berryjon keeps coming back for more and more and more in this installment of Pattern Recognition. Just what can keep a good creature down anyway?

Features , Opinion , Pattern Recognition 05/25/2017 by berryjon

Pattern Recognition #29 - Leviathans

Go big or go home with this week's issue of Pattern Recognition. And even if you do go home, there might be nothing left by the time you get there.

Features , Opinion , Pattern Recognition 05/18/2017 by berryjon

Pattern Recognition #28 - In Response, Spin Top

In Response to a certain Banning, berryjon will sit and spin in circles until he gets what he wants.

Features , Opinion , Pattern Recognition 05/11/2017 by berryjon

Pattern Recognition #27 - Enchanted

In this issue of Pattern Recognition, berryjon looks at one of the weak points in Magic's design - and the brilliant workaround that Wizards created to make the concept workable again.

Features , Opinion , Pattern Recognition 05/04/2017 by berryjon

Pattern Recognition #26 - Rarity

In this issue of Pattern Recognition, berryjon attempts to prove that a whole class of cards don't exist! Success not guaranteed.

Features , Opinion , Pattern Recognition 04/27/2017 by berryjon

Pattern Recognition #25 - Hybrid Mana

A little bit of this or a little bit of that means that cards can be made easier to play. In this issue of Pattern Recognition, berryjon discusses the history of Hybrid Mana.

Features , Opinion , Pattern Recognition 04/20/2017 by berryjon

Pattern Recognition #24 - Ninjutsu

Sneaky-sneaky goes the mechanic. Right into the dustpile of history. berryjon looks at Ninjitsu in this issue!

Features , Opinion , Pattern Recognition 04/13/2017 by berryjon

Pattern Recognition #23 - The Stack

What goes up, must come down. Join berryjon as he goes down into the dark depths of Magic's history to show why we play the game the way we do.

Features , Opinion , Pattern Recognition 04/06/2017 by berryjon

Pattern Recognition #22 - I Hate Jace

You know whom I despise more than anyone else? A certain character who has mediocre cards, and could be forgotten about tomorrow and the story would go on without?

Yeah. I thought so too.

Features , Opinion , Pattern Recognition 03/23/2017 by berryjon

Pattern Recognition #21 - Mana Rocks

You know what rocks? Mana rocks! In this issue of Pattern Recognition, I go back to an old subject and bring forward one of the possible solutions to it.

Features , Opinion , Pattern Recognition 03/16/2017 by berryjon

Pattern Recognition #20 - Hunted

In this issue, we look at cards that are hunted for the benefits they bring. And I mean that with a straight face!

Features , Opinion , Pattern Recognition 03/09/2017 by berryjon

Pattern Recognition #19 - Modern Master

You all know it. You all want it. So... where did it come from, and why was it a mistake? After all, Modern wouldn't be Modern without it.

Features , Opinion , Pattern Recognition 03/02/2017 by berryjon

Pattern Recognition #18 - A Purchased Rare

In this issue of Pattern Recognition, berryjon talks about the first rare he bought as a single, and the subsequent versions of that card that have been printed.

Features , Opinion , Pattern Recognition 02/23/2017 by berryjon

Pattern Recognition #17 - ACC

ACC. Bet you don't know what that is a backronym for, do you? Well, neither did I before I started writing this article. What is Aggro, Combo and Control?

Features , Opinion , Pattern Recognition 02/16/2017 by berryjon

Pattern Recognition #16 - Nothing to Fear

What is there to Fear when you play against Black? Quite a lot, it seems.

Features , Opinion , Pattern Recognition 02/09/2017 by berryjon

Pattern Recognition #15 - The Two Great Cycles

What goes around, comes around. So, what exactly is going around anyway?

Features , Opinion , Pattern Recognition 02/02/2017 by berryjon

Pattern Recognition #14 - Formats

In this issue of Pattern Recognition, berryjon touches on the many different formats there are in the game.

Features , Opinion , Pattern Recognition 01/26/2017 by berryjon

Pattern Recognition #13 - Board Wipes

Well, why not blow everything up? berryjon talks about the hows and the whys of wiping out the board.

Features , Opinion , Pattern Recognition 01/19/2017 by berryjon

Pattern Recognition #12 - Lands Matter

Lands don't really matter, do they? In this issue of Pattern Recognition, berryjon talks about some of the ways in which they do matter.

Features , Opinion , Pattern Recognition 01/12/2017 by berryjon

Pattern Recognition #11 - Volvers

Welcome back to 2017, and Pattern Recognition begins its next run with a unique cycle of creatures and how they helped define drafting and multicoloured decks!

Features , Opinion , Pattern Recognition 01/05/2017 by berryjon

Pattern Recognition #10 - Alternate Casting Costs

So, when is a card's casting cost, not it's real casting cost? berryjon takes a look at a cycle of cards that redefined what it means to play a card. And a few other cases.

Features , Opinion , Pattern Recognition 12/11/2016 by berryjon

Pattern Recognition #9 - Winning and Losing

When can you win without winning, or lose without losing? berryjon looks at what goes into Alternate Win and Loss conditions in this issue.

Features , Opinion , Pattern Recognition 11/24/2016 by berryjon

Pattern Recognition #8 - Bears

In this issue, berryjon talks about one of the inhabitants of Oz. Lions and Tigers and ... what?

Features , Opinion , Pattern Recognition 11/17/2016 by berryjon

Pattern Recognition #7 - Tribal

What's on every creature, and you tend to ignore until it becomes the most important thing in the world? Find out when Berryjon talks about perhaps the most pervasive concept in Magic.

Features , Opinion , Pattern Recognition 11/10/2016 by berryjon

Pattern Recognition #6B - Card Draw 2

In this issue, berryjon finishes answering the question about Card Draw by breaking it down by colors and discussing the pros and cons of each.

Features , Opinion , Pattern Recognition 11/03/2016 by berryjon

Pattern Recognition #6A - Card Draw Part 1

This week's issue of Pattern Recognition is the first half of a response to the first request - what exactly is Card Draw?

Features , Opinion , Pattern Recognition 10/27/2016 by berryjon

Pattern Recognition #5 - The Problematic Planeswalker

There is a problem with a certain Planewalker, and it's not their fault. Pattern Recognition #5 takes a look at a larger issue and how one 'Walker is the perfect exemplar of it.

Features , Opinion , Pattern Recognition 10/20/2016 by berryjon

Pattern Recognition #4 - Live Faster, Die Harder

This issue brings to the table a series of creatures that all do the same thing, from Fourth Edition to Kaladesh, and very often in between. Assuming they stick around long enough for you to see them.

Features , Opinion 10/13/2016 by berryjon

Pattern Recognition #3 - Combat Tricks

Pattern Recognition #3 - in this issue, berryjon talks about Combat Tricks that appears on creature cards, and why most of them have failed.

Features , Opinion , Pattern Recognition 10/09/2016 by berryjon

Pattern Recognition #2 - Protection

You know what annoys players more than anything else? Not getting the result they want. Which is something that White is very, very good at doing.

Features , Opinion , Pattern Recognition 09/29/2016 by berryjon

Pattern Recognition #1 - The Alpha Boons

In this inaugural chapter of Pattern Recognition, berryjon looks at one of the first true cycles in the game.

Features , Opinion , Pattern Recognition 09/22/2016 by berryjon


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