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Draw, Control, Burn, Repeat

Modern* Budget Burn Control



This deck is based around countering your opponent's spells and then burning them to victory. There is also the aspect of drawing to make sure you always have enough instants and sorceries in your hand to win. This is really, really fun to use and it is cheap.


Cheap: Trade in Thing in the Ice   for Curious Homunculus  . Trade Wandering Fumarole, Temple of Epiphany, Sulfur Falls, or Steam Vents in for Islands or Mountains (Islands preferrably).

Expensive: Trade Cryptic Command or Ancestral Vision for Reverse Engineer. Trade in Snapcaster Mage for basically anything and the deck will be better. Trade Serum Visions for Opt. Add Dack Fayden or Ral Zarek for Dismiss or Faithless Looting. For better tokens, you should trade out Talrand, Sky Summoner for Young Pyromancer.

Really anything expensive in the maybeboard would be good upgrades for the main deck.

P.S. Could someone help me find a way to fit in Search for Azcanta   into this deck?


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