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Angel's Exalted (Pauper Angel Tribal)

Pauper Aggro Angels Exalted Lifegain Primer Theme/Gimmick



Is Angel Tribal possible in Pauper? I think yes, but of the 10 Pauper-legal Angels, I am only using 3 of them, so it might be more Angel-themed than Angel Tribal. This is(was) a training/intro to Pauper deck for my 10 year old daughter, whom has some experience playing Magic and Pokemon. Built to her specifications, of course! She requested lots of Angels, life gain and lots of small easy to cast creatures. I included a few cantrips and some basic combat tricks--since then I have upgraded the deck with more Angel synergy with cards like Scroll of Avacyn , Angelic Purge and Bladed Bracers . This deck is fun to play and is surprisingly fast and aggressive. It can either swing wide or swing tall with one exalted Angel and is very resilient to taking lots of damage. ORACLE NOTE: The Angelic Page 's creature type was changed to "Angel Spirit" (does not appear on earlier printings) and will trigger the Seraph Sanctuary, Bladed Bracers and Scroll of Avacyn.

The maybe-board includes every other Pauper-legal Angel or Angel themed card I could find that is not on the main-board. If I'm missing any, please comment below.

Update: After play-testing this deck I have found it to be very capable of holding back damage and gaining tons of life. The Seraph of Dawn can become a huge beater very fast(with 15 examples of Exalted or Exalted-like effects)...and with 4 toughness...bolt-proof! A highly underrated Pauper card imho.
Update Core 2019 I will swap out 2x Angel of Mercy for 2x Angel of the Dawn

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The deck did really well and I was surprised at how big a factor Scroll of Avacyn played in many of the games; 5 life and a card for 2 mana helped keep my hand full and allowed me take some damage. The Sacred Cat was also a huge factor in many of the wins as well.
Match 1: 2-1 VS. Mono blue Merfolk
Match 2: 2-0 VS. Boros Aggro
Match 3: 2-0 VS. Golgari Delirium
Angelic Renewal was not a factor and was a dead drop in most games. Gonna move it to the side board for Marshaling Cry , Mind Stone or more Shelter . I still have to see what, if any Dominaria commons might bring to this deck.


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