Tons of +1/+1 counters for cheesing out victory? Allll the toppings! Let's call Renata for PIZZA!!!! I'm sorry, that was awful. This decks main focus is etb triggers, card draw, and +1/+1 counters. It also has many X cost cards to get big creatures on the board and keep up pressure. Has some reusable enchantments to keep your creatures pumped and trigger Verduran Enchantress. Main combos are getting trample and Darksteel Plate on Renata and slapping your opponents as hard as possible, pumping Renata's devotion ability and then targeting her with Miming Slime, using the many X cost creatures with Vernal Bloom and/or Unbound Flourishing to get giant creatures(tapping 20 forests under both for Stonecoil Serpent would give you an 80/80 trampler), or pouring all your mana into Winter Blast and swinging wide.



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