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I've been experimenting with Liquimetal Coating for a long time now, and trying to make a viable Modern deck where it is actually potent, and not just an afterthought or throwaway. I've tried about 14 different decks in all kinds of different color combinations including Mono-Green, Gruul, Golgari, Izzet, Mardu, Naya, Jund, and even five color, with drastically different levels of success.

The first deck that was even remotely playable ended up being an Izzet Delver shell that tried to use March of the Machines at the top of its curve to setup up land destruction every turn with the added help of Argent Mutation. The inherent problem with this deck was that by default it was always trading 1-for-1, and could never really start to out value the opponent or send them backwards except under very rare circumstances.

After that I ended up transitioning to a Blue Moon shell for a quite a while that utilized Thing in the Ice  , Crackling Drake, and Pteramander for threats, with Isochron Scepter to try to stretch a bit more value out of the removal and draw spells. Alongside Blood Moon and quite a bit of removal I saw a fair bit of success with this deck, averaging about a 45% win percentage at my local FNM. Once Arclight Phoenix decks became really popular and the meta started to adjust to counter it, it inadvertently moved to counter my deck as well. This combined with the general feeling of Liquimetal becoming pretty unimportant in how the deck operated led me to rethink what I was doing.

Argent Control

Modern Liquidbeaver


A few weeks prior to WAR being spoiled I set out to rebuild the deck from scratch, and really trying to evaluate what the deck needs to do to succeed. At its core I wanted to be able to destroy permanents, but most of all lands, so I went looking for inspiration with Ponza. This gave me a lot of great ideas, but while Ponza has a comparatively lean ramp package, I couldn't get it to work quite right for my needs.

Being familiar with Colorless Eldrazi Stompy and how disruptive it can be, I went looking there to see if I could find more ideas. What I found in kind of the precursor to CES was R/G Eldrazi, and between them and Ponza I found the core I wanted to rebuild up from.

Ponzi Scheme [Eldrazi Ponza]

Modern Liquidbeaver


I spent a week or two working on the new deck, and then War of the Spark spoilers started to come in, and with it...

Karn, the Great Creator

Not only is our Karnwarden's passive ability great, but being able to tutor two silver bullets without dying is fantastic. Not only that, but his +1 works as one-shot March of the Machines! Not only did we get Karn, but we also got Pillage, and those two cards completely broke the deck wide open.

For a time after I tried Amulet ramp which, while it ramped very hard, it was exhausting to play, and left very few flex spots. After feedback from some friends and people in the Ponza discord I switched backed to Ponza ramp, and it ended up driving the prison deck I have today.

We're Strictly Not Not For-Profit!


Updates Add

As expected Oko ate a ban, but so did Lattice which is absolutely crippling for this deck and means I will be taking it apart...




Just kidding. I only grabbed Lattice like 5% of the time, and this just makes room for another focused hate card, and drops the salt level a little bit. As for what replaces it...

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