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Healer's Revenge (Esper Lifepain?)

Modern Combo Control Lifegain WUB (Esper)



After almost two years of brewing Tainted Remedy decks, I finally found a shell that I think it works extremely well in.

Some of the more notable interactions:

Blessed Alliance or High Alert allow you to untap Tree of Perdition for multiple activations in a turn, or to do a lot of milling when Phenax, God of Deception is out.

Exchanging life is considering life gained or lost, so Tainted Remedy works with Tree of Perdition to great effect.

Devour Flesh can be cast on yourself, you can use it after stealing life with the Tree, or even just one of the many walls to gain quite a lot of life.

Drift of Phantasms can transmute for lock or combo pieces and Wall of Denial, but also Dead of Winter.

With High Alert, Rhox Faithmender swings for 5 and gains you 10 life, but really accelerates the small heals from your other spells.

Tainted Remedy plus Beacon of Immortality is a one-shot kill.

Going to put together a better (and hospital themed!) deck description for this once I get more time, but let me know what you think!


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Well I went back to the drawing board the other day for the 40th time since I started work on this deck... and ended up with the best version of the deck so far!

The core of the previous Orzhov deck is still there, but with the addition of Blue it now has a lot more synergy, resilience, and spikiness. Plus, it is so much fun to play!

Let me know what you think about the rework!

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