This is a Pokemon theme deck I made. Its based on only the original series ones (up to 151) and each non-land card represents something from the original series pokemon.And now a description of what each card is.PokemonThallid is BulbasaurEight-and-a-Half-Tails is NinetailsAmoeboid Changeling is DittoSigiled Starfish is StaryuDandan is Magikarp or Seaking, take your pickNether Shadow is HaunterAshmouth Hound is ArcanineKiln Fiend is FlareonUtopia Tree is ExeggutorZodiac Monkey is PrimeapeGlittering Lion is MeowthHorned Turtle is SquirtlePuppeteer is Mewtwo (in armor)Gloomhunter is ZubatChittering Rats is RaticateArc Runner is JolteonTaurean Mauler is TaurosKiller Bees is BeedrillOhran Viper is EkansVigean Hydropon is VileplumeHundred-Handed one is MachampMeadowboon is EeveeEthereal Whispergill is VaporeonGulf Squid is OmastarSand Squid is TentacoolNarwhal is SeelCobblebrute is GolemCarnivorous Plant is VictreebelGiant Caterpillar is CaterpieMurder of Crows is Spearow/ FearowMeandering Towershell is LaprasHarbor Serpent is GarydosKing Crab is KinglerInfernal Genesis is Psyduck (the token)Thundermare is PonytaExperiment Kraj is MukDromar, the Banisher is AerodactylWurmcoil Engine is OnyxFire Dragon is Charizard

For moves we haveFeast of Dreams as Dream EaterSkullcrack as Skull BashThunderbolt as ThunderboltTeleportal as TeleportEarthquake as EarthquakeToxic Deluge as ToxicGiant Strength as StrengthMetrognome as MetronomeWhirlwind as WhirlwindReflect Damage as ReflectFissure as FissureMurderous Cut as CutIchor Explosion as ExplosionFireblast as Fire BlastAmnesia as AmnesiaProgenitor Mimic as MimicVessel of Endless Rest as Rest

And finally some itemsFellwar Stone and Mind stone as fake evolutionary stonesExpedition Map as Town MapFossil Find as Helix FossilRestore as a RestoreCrystal Ball as a PokeballAwakening as an Awakening


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