Karona, False God

Karona, False God

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At the beginning of each player's upkeep, that player untaps Karona, False God and gains control of it.

Whenever Karona attacks, creatures of the type of your choice get +3/+3 until end of turn.

Karona, False God Discussion

Gattison on Unique Commanders

4 weeks ago

I have a Gallowbraid voltron deck. You could build Morinfen instead to be different, lol.

Also, Karona, False God is pretty weird, not many people build around her.

Finally, Taniwha would be a challenge.

carpecanum on Heavenly Powers

1 month ago

Dead of Winter is one of the few cards that will actually destroy all your Indestructible gods... Maybe something like Eerie Interlude to get them off board before its played?

Hall of Heliod's Generosity

Karona, False God might be funny. You should always have an indestructible blocker and when its your turn Karona gets to declare GOD as the chosen creature type.

Rhadamanthus on Can I keep Karona False …

2 months ago

You can use double square brackets around a card's name to create a reference link. It's the best way to make sure everyone understands what's going on with your question: Karona, False God , Control Magic

No, that won't work. If a new control-changing effect starts to apply to an object, it will take precedence over any other control-changing effect that was already applying to it. If you enchant Karona, False God with your own Control Magic , every upkeep Karona will create a new effect that changes control to the player whose turn it is. The Control Magic won't give it back to you.

RaidenShogun69 on Can I keep Karona False …

2 months ago

link cards in your question.

Karona, False God .

clarify what you mean by "control magic". if the spell you use says the opponent can't gain control of her or it counters her effect, then you keep control of her. you do what the spell says.

legendofa on Zombie/Mummy Commander

3 months ago

There aren't any Legendary Zombies or Legendary creatures that interact with Zombies specifically at more than three colors. Morophon, the Boundless and Karona, False God are sort of generically tribal, and I would recommend Morophon over Karona. Outside of those, you start trading flavor for utility. Child of Alara works well with Zombies that can bring themselves back or like big graveyards, and Saskia the Unyielding , Atraxa, Praetors' Voice , and Yidris, Maelstrom Wielder offer a couple of interesting options that can point your deck in a specific direction. None of them are deeply Zombie-ish, though, Saskia is much more Celtic (art)/Finnish (name) than Egyptian while the other two are purely non-historical.

1empyrean offers good suggestions for partners.

If he wants to stick hard to the Egyptian theme, check out the Amonkhet and Hour of Devastation sets, but there will have to be color compromises for something like The Scarab God .

SuitableFish on 5 Color Voting Deck

3 months ago

Why do you have Reaper King as your commander if you're not going to use Scarecrows? Wouldn't Kenrith, the Returned King or Karona, False God work better as five-color political commanders?

Kjellma on "Quest" Decks

6 months ago

I am making two decks of a similar style, they "give quests" in the way that they will allow people rewards for finishing the "quest."

One had Karona, False God as the commander and focuses on Grothama, All-Devouring style ideas that either give rewards or make people want to kill the creature for some reason. Pursued Whale is another creature I am using to achieve this idea. This deck is more of a joke, hug, or fun deck style.

The second uses Saskia the Unyielding and Mathas, Fiend Seeker to be a more aggressive style of these quests. I am already finding curses to make other players fight.

What I need is more creatures that use something like Grothama, All-Devouring to either give rewards or make others fight to give rewards.

I am not sure if I want to use a lot of goad in the first deck, but I am willing to use it in the more aggro deck if there are enough good creatures to make it even more worth the others fighting each other to achieve these "quests."

Any help would be appreciated.

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