Am very new to EDH. Play mostly 1vs1. Very rarely a 3 person game. Would like to get this deck strong enough to play at my local card shop eventually. The 2 players I play play token decks and I'm getting murdered. I just dont have enough speed and board wipe ability to punch thru tokens. (the main person I play against has Krankos as a commander running goblin tribal. I built this deck using what i have so am open to any suggestions as long as not too exprensive. Since am new to EDH I went 2 colors till I got hang of the game then will change commander to more colors but staying with dragons. Please, please please help me fix this deck to make it have more synergy, maybe some good combos and def better speed and power. When suggesting combos please explain how mechanic works and how exactly to fire it off as I am a new player.


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