Talrand spellslinger deck. Cast spells, make drakes, counter spells, make drakes, etc.

This deck is desiged to have an emphasis on budget, with enough ramp to get Talrand, Sky Summoner out on turn 4 onwards, keep him alive, and slowly build our lovely drake army with cheap spells and cantrips. Murmuring Mystic and Docent of Perfection  are intended to be back-ups if Talrand, Sky Summoner is taken out of the game, keeping the tokens flowing. Coat of Arms is a silly card, and is the primary token based win condition, as it can turn our 2/2 Drakes into flying combat monsters.

Outside of cantrips and tokens, cards like Jalira, Master Polymorphist and Synthetic Destiny adds a polymorph style sub-theme, sneaking in haymakers like Stormtide Leviathan and Tidespout Tyrant to really make our oppenent's days.


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