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As a disclaimer, the Mana Drain was from a Commander Legends pack, and I'm not about to spend 40$+ on a single cardboard rectangle. The other pricey cards are from trades and stuff I've had for forever which went up in price over the years.

As an end-of-July-2021 update, I have finally acquired a Merfolk Thaumaturgist for the deck, and I now have a Serendib Sorcerer as well. Those two work quite well together, as well as Crookclaw Transmuter and Twisted Image. I'm still waiting on more stuff (for Wizards to print) to help support the theme I'm working towards. The giant sea monsters which come to mind are Colossal Whale and Fleet Swallower. The smaller creatures which come to mind are Graven Abomination, Coral Fighters, and Warkite Marauder.

I'm looking for stuff to swing in with a creature at 1 power but also higher toughness, wait for the defending player to assign blocks (they'll usually be unable to, because Tetsuko) and then switch power and toughness. Stuff like Ovalchase Dragster is cool without switching power and tougness, but I eventually want to work my way towards a theme of "Silly Sea Monsters". Charix is the first to legitimately fit the bill, working perfectly with Tetsuko.


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