Epitaph Golem

Epitaph Golem

Artifact Creature — Golem

: Put target card from your graveyard on the bottom of your library.

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Format Legality
1v1 Commander Legal
Arena Legal
Block Constructed Legal
Brawl Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Gladiator Legal
Highlander Legal
Historic Legal
Legacy Legal
Leviathan Legal
Limited Legal
Modern Legal
Oathbreaker Legal
Pioneer Legal
Pre-release Legal
Standard Legal
Unformat Legal
Vintage Legal
Casual Legal
Custom Legal
Quest Magic Legal

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Epitaph Golem Discussion

MagicMarc on Infinite Tokens via Awaken the …

2 months ago

As Kiki-Jiki, Mirror Breaker was already mentioned. You can stay in red combining Kiki with Combat Celebrant for infinite creatures.

Staying in Rakdos, if you have Kiki, you can do infinite damage/lifegain/other triggers with this combo: Kiki-Jiki, Mirror Breaker + Sling-Gang Lieutenant + Thornbite Staff .

Staying in Rakdos, if you already have Sling-gang, you can do infinite lifedrain and other triggers with this combo: Dockside Extortionist + Epitaph Golem + Grenzo, Dungeon Warden + Sling-Gang Lieutenant .

Staying in Rakdos, if you already have Kiki and do want to use Goblin Bombardment you can make infinite Kikis/infinite damage/Other with this combo: Goblin Bombardment + Kiki-Jiki, Mirror Breaker + Mindleecher . Replacing Goblin Bombardment with Impact Tremors will just delete all of your opponents on the ETB triggers.

There are a lot more. Rakdos is probably the best color mix to do exactly what you want.

MagicMarc on Cast Your Deck In 1 Turn in Kaldheim Standard!

2 months ago

Hi, Sorin_Markov_1947. Thank you for your input!

I hear you about the mana base. I left it alone for 5 color in case someone wanting to build the deck that preferred different win conditions wouldn't need to mess with it too much. You are right cutting to 3 colors would make it more consistant and easier to get to your combo.

I mentioned in my breakdown that I was using Lotus Cobra in the deck and that they speed it up. The Ilysian Caryatid have better synergy for when you are actually combo-ing off and can tap for 6 mana once an ancient is in play. So I switched to those and have been pretty happy with them even though it slowed the deck down.

I fully agree with the Epitaph Golem comment. It would be the first cut I would make if someone else wanted to build this. I keep it in for me, just for me, because it amuses me to think I could keep casting the deck over and over forever.

You are right about Binding the Old Gods . It is also another card I am currently considering replacing. I put it in for the dual role of removal and the ability to get me to my third forest for the Nyxbloom Ancient . But from playtesting, I am almost never happy to see that card come up. I havent decided what I am replacing it with yet.

I also think I could knock down the mana base maybe. Just maybe because a deck like this kind of needs to mana flood. But I find myself seeing a little too many when I playtest the deck.

Sorin_Markov_1947 on Cast Your Deck In 1 Turn in Kaldheim Standard!

2 months ago

Does this deck need to be five colors? Let's see what we can cut out. Niko is U/W and your other combo pieces are green, so those three are in. The only red besides Phylath is Volcanic Geyser , which doesn't really need to be there. If you have the luxury of casting whatever you want from your deck, you can win in all sorts of ways. Thassa's Oracle , anyone? Black is only from Binding the Old Gods , which is disposable as there's other removal in bant. Sweepers like Shatter the Sky or Doomskar are probably the go-to here, but spot removal like Banishing Light might be useful too.

There, that's two fewer colors to tax your manabase! You'll still need some splash of red to get Phylath out though, but that's easy enough with so many duals in the format. If you do insist on have five colors, look at some other base-Bant five-color manabases to see what you need. 8x Fabled Passage and all basics won't work most of the time.

As cute as the Epitaph Golem play is, it won't be useful most of the time. You really need to win the turn you combo off or you've done basically nothing.

The last real problem is surviving until you get Nyxbloom Ancient to survive a turn and all your cards in hand. You need ramp most of all, so Lotus Cobra may be of some use in addition to what you have. If you want to sacrifice some other card's slot in the deck to keep your own stuff alive, Snakeskin Veil is an easy enough protection spell. From there, it's a matter of drawing cards. Omen of the sea is a good start. Mazemind Tome is maybe better though and doesn't need a specific color (a major plus for a 3.5 color deck).

I recognize some serious jank when I see it, and this looks fun to pull off!.. Besides the 180 clicks to draw 60 cards part. Hopefully your opponents just concede at that point.

MagicMarc on Cast Your Deck In 1 Turn in Kaldheim Standard!

2 months ago

It is pretty disgusting, huh? The really odd part is that I stumbled across the combo in a weird way.

I have seen some decks online that use the Mystic Reflection + Nyxbloom Ancient + Phylath, World Sculptor combo to make a lot of copies of the Nyxbloom Ancient . And then the decks just use it to make big shark tokens or to play out what they have in hand. Or to instantly resolve a Midnight Clock or similar.

So I decided to put the decks I saw online together and found out I only have one copy of Midnight Clock and 1 copy of the Nyxbloom Ancient . So I proxied the elemental because it's so expensive to get and I wanted to playtest for a while and decide if I wanted to invest in more copies of it. And I had to figure out another way in standard to dig into my library and fill my hand as good as the Midnight Clock or as close as I could get.

So I did a scryfall search for draw cards and found Niko Aris . The Shard tokens you create when you play Niko let you scry and draw. And I had gotten a playset of them for collecting reasons. So I put 1 Midnight Clock and 3 copies of Niko Aris in the deck. They were going to be placeholders until I got more copies of the clock! I still had not figured out what I had on my hands.

Then I started playtesting the deck and realized I can make an insane amount of Shard tokens that will let you scry and draw through your whole deck with the psycho mana this deck can produce.

I had already known the Epitaph Golem was in standard because I am a fan of using Reito Lantern with Sunforger as a kind of recursion engine in decks and had marked it as useful before. I found the Stonework Packbeast when looking for a way to funnel the mana the deck produces into for the Tergrid's Lantern before I decided that was an mean way to win.

Then I added the Archon of Sun's Grace when I realized the Nyxbloom Ancient and the Shard tokens were enchantments.

So the whole deck sort of developed just because I was playtesting a janky deck idea I did not have all the cardboard for.

MagicMarc on Will WotC Ever Print this …

3 months ago

I think Sunforger packaged with the right toolbox/control/removal cards can be very powerful. I don't know if I think its fast enough for some competitive formats but it can be amazing when it comes online.

Remember, with Sunforger you can even pay Kicker, Entwine, Replicate, and Buyback costs when you cast the instant spell.

It is a little mana intensive and involves a few steps but matched with the right cards it can provide permanent effects and recursion for your deck. In similar fashion to Isochron Scepter in that you can match certain cards with it and get softlocks on your opponent or dominate the game state.

You play Sunforger with one or more of these: Mistveil Plains / Epitaph Golem / Reito Lantern / Junktroller . Now, you can tutor and cast an instant with Sunforger , then use one of the above cards to just put it back in your library and do the same thing again the next turn. You can unattach at instant speed. Which means you can cast something like Orim's Chant with kicker at the start of your opponent's turn. Then, also during their turn, put it back in your library with a card like Mistveil Plains . Then on your turn, equip a creature with the Sunforger so you are ready to do it again on their next turn. Stuff like that will just win games.

Or, casting stuff like any of these over and over again or at least once per turn: Utter End , Teferi's Protection , Boros Charm , Deflecting Palm , Swords to Plowshares and even Comeuppance .

Imagine how hard it would be to stop the Sunforger Engine from beating someone into the ground. Especially if they have Counterflux in their library which is also a valid Sunforger target. Even though you can't cast it for the overload cost it would still be 1 counterspell per turn.

There is a huge amount of instants with red or white in their mana cost that have a total CMC of 4 or less which can all be tutored and cast with Sunforger

Azdranax on New Combo Of sorts

6 months ago

Partner including black, either Epitaph Golem or Reito Lantern + Isochron Scepter + Entomb and any extra turn spell that doesn’t exile or reshuffle.

Bulwer on Spy Cat (with Primer!)

11 months ago

Cut Skyshroud Claim for Survival of the Fittest since you don't need ramp if you can tutor up your ramp creatures and also anything else -- thanks XaiLo

Cut Epitaph Golem for Reveillark, since that's the literal worst combo piece in the deck and Reveillark fishes most of the winners out of my yard. -- thanks Black_Eagle of ##mtg

king-saproling on Interracial Marriage

1 year ago

Mistveil Plains and Chance for Glory, in conjunction with Sunforger and Angel's Grace, will allow you to take a couple extra turns. With enough mana and a way to untap Mistveil (e.g. Deserted Temple), or just something like Junktroller, you can even take infinite turns!

Sunforger can find Tithe which can find mistveil, so the setup is actually pretty easy once you have Sunforger. Deserted Temple could be found with Expedition Map or Weathered Wayfarer, who in turn can be found by all sorts of rangers/recruiters (if you wanted to dedicate more of the deck to being a Boros infinite turns combo haha): Ranger of Eos, Ranger-Captain of Eos, Recruiter of the Guard, Imperial Recruiter.

You might like these too: Scrapyard Recombiner (finds Canal Dredger), Moggcatcher (finds engineer/welder), Reito Lantern, Epitaph Golem, Pull from Eternity (reusable TP! gross!)

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