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This is my first attempt at making a counter deck so the choices in cards my seem odd but it is likely that I am just unaware of others so feel free to make suggestions or suggest edits. Obviously the main driver for the deck is to get out some creatures quick and rely upon their synergy around +1/+1 counters to pump them, deal with threats, and eventually overwhelm the opponent. With so many choices for cards for theme it has been challenging to narrow things down but so far this combination fairs pretty well. The low mana curve lets me get a few creatures on the field earlier, throw around some +1/+1 counters which are usually multiplied by the present of Conclave Mentor, Winding Constrictor, or Hardened Scales, and apply pressure. In quick games, just pumping up a few creatures quick may be all it takes to close out a game as things can snowball pretty quick. For longer games, Retribution of Ancients can come in handy to remove lots of weaker creatures or big threats and Hopeful Initiate can aid with the more non-creature threats to keep the game tipped in myfavor.

Many +1/+1 counter decks run Walking Ballista for extra removal but I find that to be sub-optimal as the ballista will be limited to the number of counter purely on it. I have been experimenting and playtesting this deck for a little while and recently swapped out Swallow Whole for Retribution of the Ancients as my primary creature removal card. While Swallow Whole had its moments of greatness, I had no way to remove creatures with power less than 4 that would not tap. Retribution of the Ancients I am hoping will help fill that void and gives me access to +1/+1 counters on all my creatures instead of only on a single creature like Walking Ballista. I am pairing it with Dromoka's Command and Collective Effort as well to provide enough support to keep the field tipped in my favor by dealing with my opponents potent creatures/enchantments.

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Playtest Feedback

  1. Running Retribution of the Ancients for removal seems to have some value especially in the early game when most creatures just have 1-3 toughness. Limited number of games so far...

  2. For the additional draws, I really like Tezzeret's Gambit. Getting two draws and a proliferate for 3 mana and 2 life is very nice! I would like to find a way to add in another copy of this if possible...

  3. Despite the fact that I can not play it efficiently (for two or three mana) until like turn 4-5, almost every game I have drawn The Great Henge I have been able to play it efficiently and reap its many benefits. Although this is a very powerful card, it is a big gun with the legendary status limiting its potential as well as somewhat situational playability so I am only thinking of trying to get a single or at most two copies of it in the deck...leaning more towards the single copy.

  4. Esper Sentinel is a creature version of Shapers' Sanctuary so there is no need to run both of those in a single deck. However, I still need to experiment how Inspiring Call, Hunter's Insight, or Driven / Despair feel has they are all new cards to me and not sure how each would perform in this deck.

  5. Feels like the deck needs to run some protection as many times I play creatures to create the synergy only to have them removed. I swapped in Snakeskin Veil to see if that helps fill that void.


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