Trying my hand at a +1/+1 counters aggro deck. Hardened Scales and Conclave Mentor pump everything that either gets played or gets a counter to just dumb levels pretty fast.

Luminarch Aspirant is there to keep pumping stuff every turn, The Ozolith saves those precious counters from removals and exiles, any creature can really turn into an obscene monster in the space of one or two turns.

in maybeboard i've thrown everything that i thought might come in handy later on, so i don't forget the stuff i could use :D

Edit: I think this is it - i'm not sure how it can be improved further without resorting to the (expensive) "meta" cards like Esper Sentinel, The Great Henge or Walking Ballista. Right now it's fairly quick, has answers for right about everything and mana sources seem to be working fine!

Having said that...anybody can feel free to point out stuff i'm missing!


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