Tidal Wave

Tidal Wave


Create a 5/5 blue Wall creature token with defender. Sacrifice it at the beginning of the next end step.

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Tidal Wave Discussion

Gattison on Wall Flinger

1 year ago

Awesome and original idea! Love it, +1!

The only other "Fling-like" effect I can find in Pauper is Soul's Fire from Shards of Alara. If you need more fling-effects, that may be of use, plus you get to keep the creature when it resolves... and then Fling it lol.

Also, here are some more Pauper walls you might like: Cinder Wall, Blistering Barrier, Oona's Gatewarden, Tidal Wave and maybe Torpid Moloch.

IMMG54 on Oloro, Annoying Ascetic.(Budget Control Life Gain)

2 years ago

I would also be wary of land destruction in this deck. Usually decks that destroy lands have a way to break symmetry, that is finding a way to make everyone but you hurt from land destruction. Things like Avacyn, Angel of Hope or Crucible of Worlds help to mitigate this Mass effect. I would substitute things like Armageddon for like a Swords to Plowshares or a boardwipe for non-creature permanents, such as Tidal Wave . You've got a lot of Orzhov going on here, which is great, but you're also running blue, an awesome color for removal. Embrace the blue side and add some of the best cantrips in the world like Ponder or Brainstorm , Preordain , Serum Visions , or perhaps my all-time favorite Impulse . Depends if you want to go more control-focused or permanent-based, but you could definitely afford to add in blue. If you want to stick to Orzhov, Kambal is a great incremental lifegain commander.

Hope this helped

[email protected]_only on WE'RE GONNA BUILD A WALL (Oloro Wall Tribal)

3 years ago

may want to consider Sunweb, Mirror Wall, Cathedral Membrane, Living Wall, and Thunder Wall for walls. Warmonger's Chariot is a linear upgrade from Animate Wall, may want to replace it. Tidal Wave gives you a surprise blocker that is, oddly enough, a wall. Fortified Area gives a solid buff to your troops, Brave the Sands ups each walls stopping power while allowing those that are able to swing and still block, and Cradle of Vitality lets your general start giving those walls some oomph.

where are the glyphs? they are wall exclusive, might as well toss them in as combat tricks! Glyph of Life, Glyph of Doom, Glyph of Delusion.

love the concept, made a wall deck for tribal wars at my local store ages ago, nice to see I wasn't the only one. keep up the good work!

IlGuale on Goblins vs Merfolk Dual Deck

3 years ago

Maybe i have to explain myself better. I played with Merfolks just one time, for the majority of the time i used Goblins. Then, what i tried to tell you is that we never drew a single Claustrophobia, nor a Tidal Wave and when my friend drew the single MoW I killed him before He could get to four lands.

Pal00ka on Jalira's Sac Stompers

3 years ago

I'm brewing a seamonster themed build w her, thought I'd lend my 2c and ask some questions since from your update I surmise you've built and played this.

I don't see a whole lot to provide tokens to sack to Jalira. I count Trading Post, Flayer Husk, Monkey Cage, Thopter Assembly, Reef Worm, and Wurmcoil Engine. Is that really enough? I filled mine with lots of subpar sorceries/instants (aka Tidal Wave) to ensure I only hit a CMC 7+.

Lorthos, the Tidemaker is fun but since it's a legendary Jalira will skip right over it. Inkwell Leviathan or Stormtide Leviathan can fill that it-came-from-the-deep role well too.

I'm looking for an atypical mono-blue commander to try, so overall, how do you like play-style of this type of deck?

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