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Welcome to Goad Club

Do you like jacked up shirtless bengal tigers? Do you like turning creatures sideway and hate thinking about leaving blockers up? Doesn't it bother you when your pussy opponents won't swing their creatures?

Well my Boi Marisi, Breaker of the Coil is one very jacked bengal tiger and very good at convincing degenerates to fight each other.

This build focuses on attack evasion, group slug and goad to speed up games and force opponents into combat. The lower CMC works in mid-range and can work in cEDH because we can use our opponents creatures and battle cruiser decks against the rest of the table and snowball damage every turn. In higher power tables, turning their combo pieces sideways into blockers or simply leaving them open for repeated unblockable damage adds up fast.

We don't run one time use extra combats or goad spells because unblockable permanents are going to let us goad repeatedly.

Deck is running few hatebears, stax or pillowfort because this deck is meant to come out swinging and leaving our opponents open for damage via goad and nothing else. We have to run good interaction and group slug instead of stax since we can't take advantage of rule of law effects like a Winota can.

Be careful killing someone too fast or you'll lose access to their creatures via goading and you don't want to end up in a situation where you're goading a bigger board into yourself. If you remove 2/3 players, the last one better be tapped out when you're ready to finish them or hope they don't have more power on board than you. Miri, Weatherlight Duelist helps with that, though.

Play your instant speed removal in combat if possible since Marisi will stop opponents from countering!

You don't need to cast Marisi, Breaker of the Coil ASAP, if another similar creature could be cast before him that would allow you to goad on the turn following (casting Marisi the turn later) then do that. We need our commander mostly for his ability rather than his body.

  • Ghostly Prison & Propaganda shut down our goad (you can't goad someone into a player with one of these out). You need to run enchantment removal for this reason alone. If you run into a pod with combat stax, you're going to have a hard time.

  • Battle Angles of Tyr copies get through Ghostly Prison & Propaganda without paying.

  • Bedlam online with Tahngarth, First Mate turns games into a blood bath.

  • Make deals with Forbidden Orchard; ask your opponents to promise to swing with them.

  • When you trigger Marisi's goad, if you don't need the mana for another phase, tap your Forbidden Orchard to stack a spirit onto a player's board who's about the be goaded, and then the spirit will become goaded with Marisi's trigger. (Same timing can be done with Beast Within & Generous Gift)

  • Seasoned Dungeoneer works on Marisi and several other creatures in the deck and the Dungeon: Undercity is added value each turn.


Updates Add

Took out Eladamri's Call for Wheel of Fortune as I recently obtained one. Eladamri's is useful don't get me wrong. I typically get Toski or Gahiji but I think the wheel will benefit me more. To refill an empty hand and give me the ability to disrupt tutoring opponents.

Also swapped out Shiny Impetus to put Smothering Tithe back in. Impetus is not a bad card but sometimes the enchanted creature dies and I'm left not getting anything back from it. Tithe is just a monster if the game goes on for a few turns past it's casting.

Took Rip Apart out for Pest Infestation to balance my colors a bit.


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