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Serra's Descendants, competitive Angel Tribal

Modern Angels Cleric Flying WB (Orzhov)




I love angels and tribal decks, so after years playing them, and many tries and versions (and thanks to Kaldheim) I've arrive to a build that is surprisingly competitive (Solid Tier2 IMO) and most importantly super fun.

I would love as many people playing Angel Tribal as possible, because well, it's not even an archetype ATM and that has to change! After all... Everybody likes Angels in MTG! Let's unite and make Angel Tribal a thing! xD

If you enjoy this +1's are appreciated to help spread Serra's teachings! xD

This is a midrange deck that tries to set up our life gain and advance the board in the first turns and then smash with a few big evasive creatures for a couple of turns.


We normally have to start playing defensively, trying to set up some life gain as soon as possible. Most of our creatures are to important to have them killed early (that's why its so important that most of our stuff survives bolt), so many times we would just let the damage go trough during the first 3 turns while setting up even if we have blockers. We don't want to put our Bishop of Wings or Righteous Valkyrie on bolt range (or any kind of possible risk), they are going to gain us more life next turn than whatever we are loosing now after all. So play secure and defensively, specially in the first turns. Set up and don't risk our MVPs.

After that just attack with our evasive angels, thanks to all the life gain we don't really need to rush so once again, don't risk the creatures, no need to go all in on the attack, keep some blockers while you hit with one or the flyers every turn. We are ok with stalemates, we can get some damage trough flyers while gaining some life every turn, ideally setting up for Righteous Valkyrie +2/+2 or an Archangel of Thune that breaks the stalemate in our favor.

Try to set up our different interactions as soon as possible but don't overcommit, we are pretty susceptible to board wipes.

Other than that, the strategy depends on the matchup, I'll go a bit more in depth about that later.



-Giver of Runes A classic, there is no playable 1cmc angel in the game (Segovian Angel sorry I love you but you are in no way modern playable) so this is a great card. We don't almost draw extra cards and all our creatures are relevant, so this can protect our stuff or at the very least be a lightning rod for their first removal so our T2 Bishop of Wings stays in the table.

-Bishop of Wings One of the MVPs of the deck, we want him on the board ASAP. It being out of bolt range is huge (this is a theme in the deck, xD) It gains you a ton of life while being quite a good blocker for 2 mana (as long as you are certain that she's not going to die if you block). It also gives you tokens when angels go to grave, which gives you extra blockers if you are a bit overwhelmed. Bear in mind that if they board wipe with a bishop in play, you would get tokens for all the angels that die, giving you some board presence even after a wipe.If you have more than 1 bishop you will get that many tokens per dead angel. If they don't have board wipes we want to stack as many of this as we can.

-Youthful Valkyrie Good card over all, good blocker (what we need in the early turns), comes out of bolt range quickly and it can become a menace if left unchecked. We don't have many 2cmc angels, and the other ones are not playable enough (Serra Avenger is the only other one, but the and not actually being able to play it T2 makes it a 2x at best if you want to give it a try) so this is good enough. The most expendable creature of the deck in case of need. We will often use this to bait a removal or a counter spell.

-Righteous Valkyrie The MVP of the deck, this thing is amazing, gets us a ton of life (you guessed it, out of bolt range, xD) and it's actually not hard to activate its ability. If they don't have board wipes we want to stack as many of this as we can. Never risk her. There are a bunch of sequences that lead us to T4 wins but all of them involve her +2/+2.

-Resplendent Angel Great card, one of the wincons of the game. If left unchecked it can fill the board with angels with vigilance. Unfortunately it dies to bolt so try to hold it until you can activate its ability the same turn it ETBs. Bear in mind that the ability activates at the beginning of each end turn so it can be reacted to even if you gained the life and you can activate it on the opponents turn (normally by putting something in play with Aether Vial. You are not going to activate its second ability much but it can be really helpful in long grindy matches.

-Shalai, Voice of Plenty Great card, similar to Giver of Runes protects all our creatures giving them hexproof. But this also gives us hexproof, protecting us from a ton of relevant things.She has a couple interesting interactions in the deck that I'll explain later.

-Legion Angel Surprisingly good card, total overachiever. Good evasive attacker that gives us card advantage (even better, we now that we are going to get something useful, most times is better than just drawing a card) and above all, ensures us 3 straight turns of triggering all our stuff, gaining a ton of life, putting angel tokens, putting counters, etc.

-Archangel of Thune The killer, our biggest wincon. This thing is brutal. We would almost never cast this without putting at least a couple of counters in all our creatures. It makes everything huge super quickly. Bear in mind that when ETBs if its killed while the life gain triggers are still in the stack its ability doesn't trigger so she can only be answered during that brief time.


-Aether Vial Amazing card. You want to play it as soon as possible, and always put a counter on it at least until you reach 4. Once there if you are low on mana you may want to keep it to maximize the options to play things with it. If not just go to 5. Bear in mind that on upkeep with it's "put a counter trigger" on the stack you can tap it to put a creature in play and still put the counter on it. You would be using that a lot here since you don't want to miss counters. It has a lot of interesting interactions with a few cards on the deck that I'll expand on later.


-Path to Exile One of the best removals of the game. We don't really care about damage coming through thanks to all the life gain (that's why 2 of them is enough) so we normally hold it for creatures that are more dangerous because of their abilities than because of their strength.

-Anguished Unmaking/Vindicate Those are pretty interchangeable depending of the meta. Excellent removal, one exiles and hits instant speed, the other one can hit lands. They take care of the cards that hurt us the most like certain artifacts (I am looking at you snaring bridge), planneswalkers, etc. It takes us out of situations that are a total lock without them.


-Cavern of Souls Amazing card against control. Be careful and try to play it as late as possible. Set the first one on angels. If you get two bear in mind that everything is not an angel is a cleric, so if they don't play land destruction set the second one in cleric.

-Seraph Sanctuary great land, it helps us reach the 5 life gained for Resplendent Angel and super good to trigger Archangel of Thunes ability a few times per angel.

-Silent Clearing We don't care about paying a few life and we really need drawing so even in a monowhite version this is a must.

-Marsh Flats Once again we don't care about paying some life so even in mono white it helps thin the deck.

-Godless Shrine, Plains Not much to add about this ones, just mana.


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