Hey Y'all,

This is a Tribal Deck that focuses on summoning mostly Dragon Creatures and other creatures that have good synergies with Dragons. Most of the Dragons are high mana cost with very strong activation and triggered abilities.

The deck uses all five mana colors in order to summon all types of Dragons; but also, in order to be able to remove creatures, enchantments and artifacts from the board; and to cast counter-spells to prevent many spells from being cast.

There a several spells in the deck that focus on increasing the repetitive card draw each turn, while other spells assist in drawing high numbers of cards at various points in time. In addition, there are five mana artifacts and 35 different lands in the deck to assist with mana ramp that better enable the casting of the high mana cost Dragons.

This deck also includes a focus that enables the Dragon Creatures to gain double strike in a few different ways and also contains a few Artifact Equipment and Enchantment spells that increase Creature Power/ Toughness considerably. In addition, this deck also produces Dragon Creature Tokens in a several different ways.

I am specifically looking for help in finding additional spells that are relatively low mana cost and produce many more Dragon Creature Tokens easily and quickly. In addition, I am also looking for help in finding a few more powerful Dragon Creatures that are lower mana cost than some already in the deck.

Thanks in advance for the help!

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