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Forget rummaging and recursion, this one's all revenge. My Thalia, Heretic Cathar deck wasn't fast enough, my Grenzo, Havoc Raiser deck wasn't hateful enough. So, I smashed them together into the ultimate BUG squasher. The game plan is to always drop a hatebear turn 2, and swing with that and Tajic for between 5 and 7 on turn 3. Having a 3 cmc general is really nice for a hatebear deck, and Tajic gives hatebears a little more punch. This deck is very much outside my comfort zone for Boros, since I typically try to avoid the aggro stereotype and play more of a value game in Boros. I didn't build around Tajic's second ablility all that much, but getting a one sided Blasphemous Act is really nice. I did however, find some neat tricks to do with the mentor ability. Shinewend is an underrated creature that can repeatably destroy enchantments if you can reload counters onto it with Tajic. Tajic can also load extra counters onto Mikaeus the Lunarch so that you can pump your whole team repeatably. Perhaps the most synergistic creature with Tajic's abilities is Ashling the Pilgrim. Not only does Ashling involve +1/+1 counters, but she also can do a damage based board wipe that Tajic will protect her and your other creatures from. The new card Together Forever from Battlebond can be used to save your cards from board wipes, or reuse cards like Selfless Spirit, Nova Cleric, Bounty Agent, and Remorseful Cleric.


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