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Oakhame Ranger offers us some really cute ways to go big and go wide at the same time.

1) The Adventure mechanic is cool as hell and I need to use it as often as possible. The alt arts are outstanding.

2) This particular adventure is great: Every time she goes to the command zone, I get two more bodies when I bring her back.

3) Her tap ability is nuts. Untapping her gets out of hand in a hurry. Giving her vigilance so she can attack AND tap to pump the team seems real good.

The rest of the deck is trying to lean into the Go Big and Go Wide plans at the same time. Some cards give you the "go big" effect while also being a creature, like Dawnfeather Eagle and Leonin Armorguard, and I tried to squeeze a lot of those in. Crashing Drawbridge will allow those creatures to benefit from their own buff on attack, as well as letting whatever other creatures I wrangle up each turn attack immediately. I have enough board-wide vigilance effects (like Silverflame Ritual and Marshaling Cry) that I can safely send the whole team each turn without leaving myself open for counterattacks.

I'm really looking forward to trying this out.


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