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Commander / EDH Aggro Mono-White Theme/Gimmick


This is my General Jarkeld deck. I've had him on the backburner for a few months, finally got inspired. A lot of decks base him around banding(which I love) or being on the defense(which requires your opponents to 1)have creatures and 2) be willing to swing in with said creatures without some form of evasion). Both of those are too passive in my mind, especially considering EDH has so many creature-less(or creature-light) decks not focused on attacking.

This build instead flips it. It punishes blocking with cards like Basalt Golem, Dead-Iron Sledge or Godsend, while making sure opponents are forced to block to prevent things like Quietus Spike and Worldslayer.

This is NOT one of my budget decks.


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