Format Legality
Tiny Leaders Legal
Noble Legal
Leviathan Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Vintage Legal
Custom Legal
Vanguard Legal
Legacy Legal
Archenemy Legal
Planechase Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Oathbreaker Legal
Unformat Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Fifth Edition (5ED) Rare
Homelands (HML) Rare

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Each player may draw up to two cards. For each card less than two a player draws this way, that player gains 2 life.

Truce Discussion

Neotrup on Firesong and Sunspeaker + Truce

1 year ago

If Truce is a white instant spell (it usually is) and causes you to gain life (probably because you drew less than two cards) it will trigger Firesong and Sunspeaker's second ability.

bj_bancroft on Firesong and Sunspeaker + Truce

1 year ago

Does Truce trigger Firesong and Sunspeaker's 2nd ability?

lilgiantrobot on Avacyn, Guardian Angel - The Fog of War

2 years ago

RubyOrzhov - The deck didn't start out to expensive, but its been one I play and tweak the most over the past couple of years. Looking at it now yikes, lol. Snow-Covered Plains are important for Sunstone, but you can ditch Scrying Sheets if you're trying to knock down the budget. Kor Haven can slot in for the Maze of Ith for a couple of bucks cheaper, and it taps for mana (or more straight up removal like Condemn works too!). Glacial Chasm is a new edition, but before then it was just a plains and I was still running a Selfless Squire as another fog. Serra's Sanctum is completely non-essential. I'm not even running enough enchantments to get as much value from it as I'd like.

Land Tax and Tithe can be Gift of Estates and Oreskos Explorer. Temporary Truce is from Portal so it costs a few bucks because of that, but for much less you can run Truce, which is the instant version of it. Or just slot back in the Mentor of the Meek I took out. Angel of Finality can be Stonecloaker. In the general theme, you can run Mobilization and Knight-Captain of Eos for a nice repeatable fog as well. This works well if you've got out a way to protect the Captain.

Academy Rector and Crucible of Worlds are the two expensive cards I put the closest to be needed, but you can work around that too. Just the way EDH works there's still cards I've NEVER drawn in the deck, so I can't say any one is completely needed unless its the actual wincon. Plea for Guidance is your budget Idyllic Tutor or Rector. And White has enough ways to find land (including Eternal Dragon) that CoW is just something nice to have if you can run it.

Thanks for the comment, I hadn't really taken the time to think about a more budget friendly version of this lately!

BlackWitch on Of Hate-and-a-laugh Tales

2 years ago


The fact which makes me unable to think about Eldrazi Conscription as an equipment is that, IF Eldrazi Conscription won't be countered, it still will be the primary target for your opponent. It's almost impossible to keep something that terrifying safe on board. Believe me. I play Kaalia of the Vast. Of course it is also different situation since my opponent knows that I will finally try to cast her, so he keeps all his counter spells and damn removals especially for this occasion, while your opponent doesn't even know you have something like THAT in your deck. YET it is also extremely easy to get rid of an aura card.

If You won't leave that extra mana for protection while casting Eldrazi Conscription, either way someone will destroy this aura itself with enchantment removal, or worse, will just simply get rid of the creature, before or after Eldrazi Conscription hits the board. Either way your aura gets buried too. That is why, for me this is spell for 10-11 CMC, which is just too much, even for what it does. But if You can afford it and You love it that much, this is still OP card.

When it comes for Oblation. Recently I've been playing with my quite good friend. During our games, he used oblation 3 times I guess. One time I got my winning card with this additional draw Oblation gave me, and the other time I re-draw the removed card (plus an extra one thanks to Oblation). So I will say it again. This card is useless to me. There are better option for removal Path to Exile, Council's Judgment, and for draw Survival Cache, Truce or Acrobatic Maneuver. Especially the last one if you want to blink your creatures.

Creatures with flying like Dust Elemental, Eiganjo Free-Riders, Stormfront Riders, Galepowder Mage are also good cards if you want to re use some ETB effects from Stoneforge Mystic, Armory Automaton, Knight of the White Orchid, Relic Seeker or Sun Titan. Although if You want to go this way, I would add some more creatures with ETB.

Does mana from Thran Turbine disappear after the upkeep ? If yes, than this card is not as good as I thought, but still might be useful.

I like scry lands. If I would play mono coloured deck, I would miss them. I really underestimated them before, therefore I recommend them now.

Scrying Sheets is a nice land for Your snow covered collection.

ElixerOfMortality on How to Have Fun in EDH - Phelddagrif Surprise

3 years ago

poorpinkus Fair enough. I mainly play online, and considering both Truce and Temporary Truce aren't available on MTGO, which of the maybeboard cards would you recommend in its place?

maeoreth on Theological Switzerland

3 years ago

Hey Tea. Here's my group hug deck, if you want to check it out. Some very specific suggestions if you're interested:


Dictate of Karametra

Unifying Theory


Vernal Equinox

Those are all enchantments, because my personal feeling is that if you're going to play a Sphere of Safety, you should be playing a minimum of 20 enchantments in your deck to make drawing them consistent enough to make Sphere worth it. Otherwise, I'd just play Propaganda and Ghostly Prison. But that's just me.

Truce -Very flavorful

Vision Skeins -Everybody wants more draw!



Some instants and sorceries. I like them in place of things like Pulse of the Grid and Urban Evolution, which only help you and not anyone else.

Helm of Awakening is a really great artifact for GH decks.

Braids, Conjurer Adept

Walking Archive

Tempting Wurm

Just a few creatures I thought you'd like to look into. Take your time reading the Archive, it's one I had to read through like four times to totally understand. They're a few things that I would personally be playing over Deathless Angel and Squallmonger, but again, these are all personal preference things. And there's a lot more in the decklist I linked above.

Kutdra1 on Revamping the deck that started ...

3 years ago

hey! So I really like your deck! Seems fast and fun to play.

I noticed World at War and I have deck with multiple of those types of cards in it. The best one that has worked for me is Aggravated Assault. It is annoying to get that initial three mana out, but the repetition of it is really worth it.

I didn't see draw in your deck (if there is my bad. Looked kinda fast). Which isn't necessary! Just with a fast deck I imagine you burn through your hand fast. There's Inheritance, Reforge the Soul, and Truce. There's a lot of white draw, but you gotta dig a little bit.

Anywho! If you're looking for swarm check this thread. It had all the token generators, pumps, etc. It does not contain combos though!

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