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I like to make fairly cheap decks that can still fare well against more expensive decks. My commander decks tend to work very well, and I like to make decks using cards that most people don't consider.

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Spudding Choice of Damnations is a great card but for 6 mana I just didn't find it worth it... Cruel Entertainment and Plague of Vermin are both similar but they end up being a bit more funny to me, plus they allow me to help myself while hurting somebody else. I actually have really thought of putting Do or Die, and I think I just forgot to include it somewhere in the deckbuilding process. I'll have to try to find a spot for it, thanks!

June 19, 2017 7:53 p.m.

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KvotheKingkiller I'm really glad you like it! The finesse of the deck becomes a lot more apparent when you start playing it, I hope you enjoy it!

June 15, 2017 10:11 p.m.

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KvotheKingkiller Thanks! I've yet to actually buy the deck at the moment, but I'm thinking that it's going to be the next one I get! I think coin flip/chaos Riku could honestly be a thing lol, but IMO green tends to have less to offer in that category.

To be honest, usually with subthemes it just ends up being how I feel at the time I made the deck, but my main reasoning for using traitorous blood-effects as a subtheme was that I wanted to lean away from blue counterspell/return to hand control; in my playgroup people tend to care much less about you temporarily using their resources than simply taking them away or reverting all of their progress. Another reason why I chose it was because once I put in all of the clue/thopter creation spells and was looking for other things to let Riku copy, I found that most other spells were either situational with him or were too strong (in the sense that they could annoy other players), so I decided that temporarily getting an extra creature, especially in a game where there tends to be a "public enemy" in my playgroup, was the lesser of the evils.

Another reason why I like these effects is because they make the power of the deck much more closely related to the power of my opponents' decks. This means that the deck kind of adjusts its "difficulty" based on who you are playing with, and I also have always found these kind of combat tricks to be interesting.

Thanks for the comments! I'm really glad that you like my decks!

June 9, 2017 10:49 p.m.

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KvotheKingkiller man, I really need to fix that description lol

What I really meant to say is that context matters when you decide when to pull the trigger; you can't just let everyone give you lands and kill them the next turn, you have to use a bit of tact. Prosperity as a win con to kill everyone at the table is still an option, but it should be considered a last resort. If you do it consistently people will start focusing you. If however, say, the control player is making the game grind to a halt and people are just wishing for the game to end, you can use prosperity as a mercy game-reset. You'll still win, but people will be glad that you won that way. Another thing to remember is that everything for the most part is fair game in a 1v1 as long as you don't act like it is planned. Let's say you, for example, buffed the hippo to a 21/21 and killed the last player in a 1v1. Usually that would be considered an awesome comeback rather than you planning behind everyone's back. To win with Prosperity you have to be surprised when it happens (and usually you will be), otherwise you are just planning behind everyone's back.

My whole philosophy with this deck is that from the start of the game I am legitimately just trying to make everyone have a good time, but if later on when the fun starts to die down I find a way to end the game I will, however most of the time people will end up decking themselves by choosing to draw cards when offered. The reason why I like this deck is because you are legitimately killing the players with kindness, not plotting behind their backs

June 9, 2017 10:47 p.m.

TheSisay The main reason why I haven't included her, or any planeswalkers for that matter, is because they don't really directly contribute to the combo; I already have a lot of pieces needed as-is, so adding something that (while a pretty good card) won't directly add much to my combo potential means that I risk a lower chance of getting the deck to pop off. The main reason why I have Devoted Druid is because it gives me more mana, synergizes so well with so many cards, and lets me activate, say, a tap draw ability a bunch of times to find a combo piece if I don't have everything yet, or a tap mana ability to get that extra amount of mana that I need.

Thanks for the suggestion though! Nobody has suggested her before, and I see the potential; she gives me good blockers, allows me to make all of my creatures Kraj-able and has a nice ultimate, but unfortunately since she can't really directly make me go infinite I'm going to have to pass

June 9, 2017 10:28 p.m.





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