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The ORIGINAL Ashling the Pilgrim EDH (2020 Update)

Commander / EDH Mono-Red



The idea is simple. Ashling the Pilgrim is good enough that all you need to do is play her. Once you hit turn 6, just keep pumping her at the end of turn and then blow her up if some nasty creature hits the board or she is about to die. The other spells are simply the best things that red has to offer. The creatures are the best pump creatures in the game for red and can kill your opponent easily by turn 8 or 10. Banefire , Devil's Play , and Comet Storm help you control the board very well, especially in the early stages before Ashling the Pilgrim is in explode range, and Koth of the Hammer is just pure amazing.

The idea is to never miss a land drop. Build up a massive land base and then murder everything.

Remember, the mana from Braid of Fire clears during the upkeep so you have to spend it on Ashling the Pilgrim or on a pump creature. Or you can spend it on an instant speed Comet Storm and wreck some face if you like. Obsidian Fireheart also serves as a good mana dump.

Also remember that double casting spells with an x in the mana cost copies the x. Save all the double casting stuff for copying your opponents best spells, cpying counterspells, and for doubling your pay X damage spells.

Remember that your Ashling the Pilgrim combos wonderfully with protection from red with cards like Sword of Sinew and Steel , and with Basilisk Collar you get board wipe + life gain to the max from a single detonation.

Ashling the Pilgrim + Repercussion is basically an instant win if your opponent has more than a few creatures on the board.

Don't forget to do some math on Stuffy Doll + Gratuitous Violence as well. If you blow up Ashling the Pilgrim for 5 damage with both of those down, you're going to deal 5 to the opponent's face doubled to 10, 5 to Stuffy Doll doubled to 10, then Stuffy Doll will deal 10 to the opponent doubled to 20 meaning you deal a total of 30 damage to the opponent for only blowing up 5 counters. Lot of ways to achieve the effect as well.


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