Blood Moon

The Moon will turn a fiery red as the planets align. Fire will rain from the Anger of the gods . The earth itself will swallow our humble vessels in its gaping maw . These are but Harbingers of the end of times . Our only salvation is to embrace the Path to Exile , and pray our spirits are guided to rest .

Also check out Wrath of God **Primer** and Legacy Wrath of God.


Creatureless Naya control deck which takes advantage of having no destructible creatures to void two-thirds of all Modern removal. The Amonkhet gods work great with Porphyry Nodes , keeping them alive and focused on our opponents' creatures (due to unnaturally high power and indestructibility). This deck plays similarly to W/R Prison, except with a much faster clock at the expense of Chalice of the Void and Ensnaring Bridge (which are facing too much artifact hate now anyways). Along with our other high-power, indestructible creatures, we can quickly turn the corner to win through beatdown by turn 4.

Here's an example explosive play:

T1 Utopia Sprawl

T2 Rhonas

T3 Thrun / Gideon , attack for 5 with Rhonas

T4 Hazoret , exile SSG or cast a 1-drop, attack for 14 with Rhonas , Hazoret , and Thrun / Gideon

Single Card Discussion

Madcap Experiment into Platinum Emperion is a very efficient threat/prison, and we even get to ramp into it. Blood Moon usually shuts off removal spells to protect our Emperion.

If you're unfamiliar with this combo Show

Rhonas is pretty much the best blocker (deathtouch) and attacker (comes with his own overpriced buff) ever, but our opponent can easily "2-for-1" us indefinitely by just killing the 4/4 creatures instead. Thrun, the Last Troll is the perfect answer: a hexproof, indestructible animator! We get a (mostly) unanswerable 9+ power (with Rhonas 's buff) for 7 mana, or at least two "enormous" blockers, potentially by turn 3! Sadly, Thrun can't regenerate to survive Nodes , but we can buff him with Rhonas . Thrun also just wrecks control and sometimes midrange.

Hazoret is laughably easy to trigger and also animates Rhonas just by being there

Porphyry Nodes is a very efficient board wipe in decks that don't play creatures. If our opponent stops playing creatures to try and remove it, we surprise them with Rhonas to keep Nodes alive indefinitely. Playing Nodes onto an empty board with Rhonas is generally inadvisable, especially against slower decks where we can afford to wait on Nodes, because our opponent can 2-for-1 us by removing Rhonas and therefore Nodes as well. There are many little tricks to keep Nodes and our own creatures alive; only the most important ones are mentioned here.

Nahiri provides much-needed card selection, discarding our extra legendaries, flexible removal, and a 2-turn countdown to Emrakul . Discarding Emrakul even lets us shuffle dead/discarded Emperion s back into our deck.

Blood Moon is just one of the best locks available in Modern, particularly against problematic interactive decks and greedy aggressive decks. Between Utopia Sprawl and SSG , we have 6 ways to play turn 2 Blood Moon , locking our opponent out of the game.

Utopia Sprawl is just one of the best mana dorks in Modern (doesn't die to bolt and free to cast after turn 1), and ramps into our all-important 3-drops. We need to enchant a basic Forest because Blood Moon causes Sprawl to fall off, and to avoid Field of Ruin , and Fulminator Mage , which is why we're overloaded on green fetchlands.

Raging Ravine dodges Nodes , and is one of the few manlands that can animate Rhonas (after attacking just once)

Deafening Clarion , Firespout , Anger of the Gods , Day of Judgment , Wrath of God are obligatory sweepers to beat the fast aggro decks in the format and especially good because we don't play destructible creatures. Deafening Clarion and Firespout are preferable because our mana is too tight to play double color cards. We play Day of Judgment over Wrath because the only regenerator among top decks is Affinity's single Welding Jar . Meanwhile the upside is we can regenerate Thrun . We also want to diversify a bit to play around Meddling Mage .

Gideon of the Trials locks down a creatures every turn, forcing our opponent to overextend in Nodes and other board wipes. He also animates Rhonas . Oath of Nissa acts as additional copies of our all-important win-cons, Rhonas , Hazoret , Nahiri , Gideon , and Chandra , and incidentally shields our enchantments from Dromoka's Command

Why not these cards?

Path to Exile has dysergy with Blood Moon , giving our opponent free basic lands.

Artifacts can't be played alongside Madcap Experiment .


Updates Add

Obviously great if ramped out earlier with Spirit Guide or Utopia Sprawl. Blood Moon often ensures our opponent can no longer remove Platinum Emperion, and we can play both on curve. Emperion also turns on Rhonas the Indomitable, but it probably doesn't matter at that point.

The one dysergy is that Porphyry Nodes can kill Emperion, but either of the gods can save him. Also, we never need to play both at the same time anyways.



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