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Feather, Tactician and Savior (Budget)

Commander / EDH Budget RW (Boros) Voltron


Feather, the very name sounds like it will carry you to victory. This deck is a blast to play. If you want the best bang for you buck look no farther (even if you have a high budget try this out) Here’s a quick overview of the strategy I use when playing this deck.

-At the beginning of the game I will almost always mulligan unless I have 2 Plains/land tutors in my hand so I can get Feather out as quickly as possible. This is to try and avoid having instants go needless straight to the graveyard

-This point in the game is really just drawing cards to amass enough cards to really get going. My favorite cards for this are probably either Expedite or Fists of Flame

-At this point in the game you will hopefully have a lot of mana from some ridiculously synergetic and powerful cards (looks at Birgi, God of Storytelling   and Storm-Kiln Artist) and can proceed to casting most of your instants each turn.

  • During this phase you normally have a barely adequate defense so protection is really important because of how essential the commander is to this deck.

-It is important to remember to whittle away at your opponent’s health during this section of the game with cards like Guttersnipe

This is the best part of the game because of how explosive it is. There are two ways I go about winning

-Commander damage is definitely my most common path to victory. Is pretty straightforward, all you really need to do is buff feather up and swoop in for the kill.

-The second way is less common but just as effective. It essentially boils down to mass buffing using (Zada, Hedron Grinder) on all of my smaller creatures.

-This deck comes out of nowhere. At one moment you are off to the side not really mattering, and then the next moment swoop in and steal the win.

-This is also a very versatile deck. It has several different ways it could be played depending on the situation. You can have a lot of weenies or you can one big guy.

-I love how much synergy is in this deck! No matter what hand you have you will almost always have 2-3 cards that work great together.

-The biggest drawback seems to be how often I have to discard cards because my spells keep returning to my hand. To counteract this I will soon be ordering Reliquary Tower, Spellbook, and Library of Leng.

-Another disadvantage to this deck is geavy commander reliance. It seems that when Feather is taken care of the rest of this deck begins to fall apart. The best thing to do to prevent this is always leave a little mana open for protection spells.

  • I find that this deck takes 4-6 turns to really get going. At this point in the game you have amassed enough instants and sorcerers to really start having fun, but before that point you are just about defenseless.
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