Playing Pauper EDH but still want your friends to hate you? Then Ruthless Deathfang may be just the commander you're looking for!

Deathfang doesn't come cheap with a cmc of 6, but he's an integral part of the deck strategy so when starting out, the main goal is to stall and ramp mana until you can get him onto the field. Once he's out, other players will want to remove him asap, so try to play Whispersilk Cloak or Neurok Stealthsuit on him if you can. There are three cards in the deck with transmute which can be used like tutors to find one of them. If you make it that far, you're probably not far off from victory. Cards like Stitcher's Apprentice, Blind Zealot, and probably a third of all the cards in the deck can be used synergistically with Ruthless Deathfang to wipe out your opponents' creatures and maintain board advantage for the remainder of the game. The tricky part is getting him on the board and keeping him there.

If Deathfang is killed, there are a handful of return-from-graveyard cards. Be sure you don't have any in-hand before sending him back to the command zone.

This deck probably would suck ass against pure control, but I don't know for sure.

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